Scrutiny of Arms Exports and Arms Control (2013) - Committees on Arms Export Control Contents


ATAS    Academic Technology Approval Scheme

ATT    Arms Trade Treaty

BIS    Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

BTWC    Biological and Toxic Weapons Convention

CAAT    Campaign Against Arms Trade

CAEC     Committees on Arms Export Controls

CBRN    Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear

CBW    Chemical and Biological Weapons

CCM    Convention on Cluster Munitions

CTBT    Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

COARM    EU Council of Ministers Working Group on Conventional Weapons

CWC    Chemical Weapons Convention

DFID    Department for International Development

DSEi    Defence and Security Equipment International (Trade Exhibition)

DTCT    UK/US Defense Trade Cooperation Treaty

ECO    Export Control Organisation (within the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills)

EGAD    Export Group for Aerospace and Defence

EU    European Union

FAC    Foreign Affairs Committee

FCO    Foreign and Commonwealth Office

FMCT    Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty

GTRP    Global Threat Resolution Programme

ICT    Intra-Community Transfer (ICT) Directive on arms transfers within the EU

ITAR    (US) International Traffic in Arms Regulations

MoD    Ministry of Defence

MTCR    Missile Technology Control Regime

NPT    Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

NSG    Nuclear Suppliers Group

NWFZ    Nuclear Weapons Free Zone

OGEL    Open General Export Licence

OGTCL    Open General Trade Control Licence

OIEL    Open Individual Export Licence

OITCL    Open Individual Trade Control Licence

OPTs    Occupied Palestinian Territories

OSCE    Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe

OSJA    Overseas Security and Justice Assistance

PMSC    Private Military and Security Company

PQ    Parliamentary Question

P5    The 5 Permanent members of the UN Security Council

SALW    Small Arms and Light Weapons

SIEL    Standard Individual Export Licence

SIPRI    Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

SITCL    Standard Individual Trade Control Licence

SITL    Standard Individual Transhipment Licence

UAV    Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

UKTI DSO  United Kingdom Trade & Investment Defence & Security Organisation

UKWG    United Kingdom Working Group on Arms

UNROCA  United Nations Register of Conventional Arms

WA    Wassenaar Arrangement

WMD    Weapons of Mass Destruction

WMDFZ    Weapons of Mass Destruction Free Zone

WMS    Written Ministerial Statement



SIEL—Standard Individual Export Licence

SIELs generally allow shipments of specified items to a specific consignee up to the quantity specified by the licence. Licences permitting permanent export are generally valid for two years from the date of issue. Where the export is temporary, for example for the purposes of demonstration, trial or evaluation, the licence is generally valid for one year only and the items must be returned before the licence expires.

OIEL—Open Individual Export Licence

OIELs are specific to an individual exporter and cover multiple shipments of specified items to specified destinations and/or, in some cases specified consignees. OIELs covering the export of items entered on the Military List are generally valid for two years, while OIELs covering other items are generally valid for three years.

SITCL—Standard Individual Trade Control Licence

A Standard Individual Trade Control Licence is specific to a named trader and covers involvement in trading of a set quantity of specific goods between a specific source and destination country with a specified consignor, consignee and end-user. SITCLs will normally be valid for two years.

OITCL—Open Individual Trade Control Licence

An OITCL is specific to a named trader and covers involvement in trading or specific goods between specific source and destination countries and/or specified consignors, consignees and end-users. OITCLs are generally valid for two years.P0F[1]

OGTL—Open General Transhipment Licence

An OGTL is required for the transhipment of controlled goods through the UK en route from one country to another pre-determined destination.

SITL—Standard Individual Transhipment Licence

A SITL is used for transhipment of goods when an OGTL cannot be used.P1F[2]PPPPPP

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