Women in scientific careers - Science and Technology Committee Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the Committee's inquiry web page at www.parliament.uk/science

1  Emma Thomson  WSC0002

2  Professor Sue Black, Dr Jonathan Mendel, and Dr Hauke Riesch  WSC0003

3  Siraj Ahmed Shaikh  WSC0005

4  Targeted Initiative on Science and Mathematics Education (TISME)  WSC0006

5  Prospect  WSC0007

6  Sarah Goddard  WSC0008

7  Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining  WSC0010

8  Public Health England  WSC0011

9  Katrine Rogers  WSC0012

10  Portia Ltd  WSC0013

11  University of Manchester  WSC0014

12  Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine  WSC0015

13  Kimberly Gilmpour  WSC0016

14  Plymouth Marine Laboratory  WSC0017

15  Dr Valerie Bevan and Professor Mark Learmonth  WSC0018

16  Cardiff University  WSC0019

17  Dr Elaheh Ghassemieh  WSC0020

18  Dr Nicola Patron  WSC0021

19  The Open University  WSC0022

20  Research Councils UK  WSC0023

21  University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine's Athena Swan
Governance Group  WSC0024

22  Jenny Marsden  WSC0025

23  Fiona McNeill  WSC0026

24  Athena Swan Action Group St George's University of London  WSC0027

25  Academy of Medical Sciences  WSC0028

26  University College London  WSC0029


28  Institute of Health & Society, Newcastle University  WSC0032

29  Cambridge Association for Women in Science and Engineering
(Cambridge AWiSE)   WSC0033

30  University of Cambridge  WSC0034

31  College of Life Sciences, University of Dundee  WSC0036

32  University and Colleges Union - Newcastle University Branch  WSC0037

33  Women's Engineering Society  WSC0038

34  Society for General Microbiology  WSC0039

35  WinSET Committee, University of Nottingham  WSC0040

36  Dr Katherine Sloyan  WSC0041

37  University of Oxford  WSC0042

38  National Physical Laboratory  WSC0043

39  Imperial College London  WSC0044

40  The Royal Society  WSC0045

41  The University of Edinburgh  WSC0046

42  Royal Astronomical Society  WSC0048

43  Sciencegrrl  WSC0049

44  British Pharmacological Society  WSC0050

45  Equality Challenge Unit  WSC0051

46  Pier Logistics and Cardiff University  WSC0052

47  Higher Education Academy  WSC0053

48  Bryn Jones  WSC0054

49  Newcastle University  WSC0055

50  EDF Energy  WSC0056

51  Royal College of Surgeons  WSC0057

52  Dr Susan Alison Murray  WSC0058

53  UCL Engineering  WSC0059

54  WiSET within Centre for Science Education  WSC0060

55  University of Stirling  WSC0061

56  The Daphne Jackson Trust  WSC0062

57  Dr Gemma Sweeney  WSC0063

58  Medical Schools Council and the Dental Schools Council  WSC0064

59  Sean McWhinnie, Oxford Research and Policy and Jan Peters, Katalytik  WSC0065

60  The Physiological Society  WSC0066

61  The British Psychological Society  WSC0067

62  Society for Applied Microbiology  WSC0068

63  Russell Group Equality Forum  WSC0071

64  Royal Society of Chemistry  WSC0072

65  The Council for the Mathematical Sciences (CMS)  WSC0073

66  Society of Biology  WSC0074

67  Girlguiding  WSC0075

68  John Barry  WSC0076

69  Professor Emma Smith  WSC0077

70  St George's, University of London  WSC0078

71  Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) and the
Northern Ireland Assembly  WSC0079

72  Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology  WSC0080

73  Institute of Physics  WSC0081

74  Amy Boyd  WSC0083

75  BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT  WSC0084

76  British Medical Association  WSC0085

77  Science Council  WSC0086

78  Higher Education Funding Council for England  WSC0087

79  Queen's University Belfast  WSC0089

80  STFC WiSTEM Network  WSC0090

81  Wellcome Trust  WSC0091

82  Aerospace Aviation & Defence Knowledge Transfer Network (AAD KTN)  WSC0092

83  The Royal Society of Edinburgh  WSC0094

84  The Royal Academy of Engineering  WSC0095

85  Bournemouth University  WSC0096

86  Russell Group of Universities  WSC0097

87  Campaign for Science and Engineering  WSC0098

88  Egon Zehnder  WSC0099

89  The Daphne Jackson Trust (supplementary to WSC0062)  WSC0100

90  The Russell Group (supplementary to WSC0097)  WSC0101

91  The Open University (supplementary to WSC0022)  WSC0102

92  Research Councils UK (supplementary to WSC0023)  WSC0103

93  Scienceogram UK  WSC0104

94  Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS)
(supplementary to WSC0079)   WSC0105

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