Standards Committee - Fourth Report
Nadine Dorries

Here you can browse the report which was ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 8 November 2013.


Terms of Reference



Registration of payments to a third party

Advice from the Registrar

Did Ms Dorries co-operate with the Commissioner's inquiry?

Failure to register the Averbrook shareholding

Conclusion and recommendations

Confidentiality agreements

Appendix 1: Memorandum from the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards—Complaint concerning Ms Nadine Dorries MP


The Complaint

Relevant Rules of the House

My Inquiry

Ms Dorries' evidence

Averbrook Ltd: Companies House records

The Registrar's advice

Ms Dorries' further response

Information from the Internet

Findings of fact


Overall conclusions

Proposed revisions to the Guide to the Rules

Appendix 2: Complaint letter from John Mann MP to the former Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards [WE 1]

Appendix 3: Letter to Kathryn Hudson from Nadine Dorries

Appendix 4: Letter from Kevin Barron to Nadine Dorries

Appendix 5: Letter to Kevin Barron from Nadine Dorries

Appendix 6: Email correspondence between Ms Dorries's office and the Registrar of Members Financial Interests

Formal Minutes

Oral Evidence

15 October 2013

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Prepared 11 November 2013