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Appendix 6: Email correspondence between Ms Dorries's office and the Registrar of Members Financial Interests

Sent: 31 October 2013 12:11
Subject: Nadine Dorries MP

Hi Eve,

Yesterday Nadine requested that I submit a new entry on her register of interests. As you will see below Heather has suggested this should be sent to you in light of the ongoing investigation.

The email chain should be self-explanatory but feel free to let me know if there are any questions or comments.


The Office of Nadine Dorries

Member of Parliament for Mid-Bedfordshire

House of Commons -London, SW1A OAA -Tel: 0207 219 5586

From: Commons Registrar
Sent: 31 October 2013 11:45
To: .DORRIES, Nadine
Subject: FW: Nadine Dorries MP

Dear Ms Dorries

Thank you for this information.

As the Committee on Standards are considering a registration complaint against you, I suggest that you forward this information to the Committee. The committee clerk is Eve Samson and her email address is

Yours sincerely

Heather Wood

Registrar of Members' Financial Interests

Sent: 30 October 2013 10:34
To: WOOD, Heather
Subject: Nadine Dorries MP

Dear Heather,

I hope you're well. Nadine has passed me some information that she would like adding to the register of interests regarding her company Averbrook.

For the year from October 31st 2012 to October 31st 2013:

Approximate gross income is £142,000

Giving a profit of £82,000

A dividend payment of £10,000 is being paid to Nadine today (30.10.2013)

Nadine spent approximately 60 days working on Averbrook's projects, which are still best described as 'writing and media appearances'.

These figures are provisional before the full accounts are produced in December but Nadine would like the register to be updated as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about this then please just let me know and I will do my best to help.


The Office of Nadine Dorries

Member of Parliament for Mid-Bedfordshire

House of Commons ¦London ¦SW1A OAA ¦Tel: 0207 219 5586

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