Transport CommitteeWritten evidence from Mrs Ann Pedley (DAT 02)

Those of us with poor or failing eyesight have great difficulty in identifying carriages when a train arrives on the platform.

Currently many carriages just have small digital displays on the door which are impossible for us to see especially on a bright day.

Each rail company seems to have its own way identifying coaches so that it is difficult to know what to look out for.

I am elderly (but mobile) and have to ask for assistance to get on the train simply because I don’t know which coach to enter. This seems to be a waste of platform staff time when there are others in wheel chairs needing help.

Would it be possible to have a universally mandatory bold, black on white letter posted on each carriage door to identify each coach?

Not only would that help those with poor sight I think it would be a boon to all travellers and make the boarding time for passengers quicker.

November 2012

Prepared 13th September 2013