Transport CommitteeWritten evidence from Ruth and David Myers (DAT 79)

I am profoundly deaf and today had to travel from Chorleywood, Herts, to London. Chorleywood is served by Chiltern Railways, and the Amersham branch of the Metropolitan line.

We wanted to travel by Chiltern train but it did not turn up and it was only when a Metropolitan train turned up that we found out the Chiltern train was not running for some reason. Tannoy announcements were made but they are incomprehensible. The Metropolitan train was held up several times and its final destination was changed en route from Aldgate to Baker St. Again useless—to us—tannoy announcements were made. Eventually a brief message was posted on the in-carriage display saying the train was held up waiting for a platform to be available. The question is WHY the driver only played that tape once or twice so you were lucky if you looked up at the right time. WHEN will the difficulties hearing impaired passengers experience be addressed. We have waited too long.

March 2013

Prepared 13th September 2013