Transport CommitteeWritten evidence from Jane Sellers (DAT 85)

I am writing to ask you to ensure that all buses nationwide are announced I have a really big problem as a blind person.

I find that the buses in London are great, but when I come back into Surrey/West Sussex, there are no announcements the drivers don’t announce your stop and if they do you have to keep on reminding them.

So when are we going to have talking buses throughout the whole of the United Kingdom? I live near Gatwick Airport and people who get off a flight often use buses, but they do need to know where they are going as bus 100 is very confusing as it goes to Redhill and Crawley and I wish that the bus company being Metro Buses would put a different number on the Red hill bus as it would make life so much easier.

I am also concerned about the staff assisted travel on the trains I am concerned that the service maybe axed and as blind person I wouldn’t be able to travel into London as do have to from time to time, and this would put me under a lot more pressure and duress than it would normally so I really hope that assisted travel on the trains is here to stay, as for the Underground staff, well that’s another story.

There are fewer and fewer members of underground staff to assist blind people. Why is this please? And don’t tell me it is down to money because these people are paid a lot of money to do the jobs that they do.

May 2013

Prepared 13th September 2013