Transport CommitteeWritten evidence from Yellow Submarine (DAT 87)

As a disability charity trying to support people into work we wish to comment on the effectiveness of legislation relating to transport for disabled people. Yellow Submarine charity believes it’s wrong that a disabled bus pass can’t be used before 9am. Shouldn’t the government be supporting people with disabilities to go to work, which often means commuting before 9am? Recently, one of our trainees got up early, got ready and went to the bus stop for his commute. His bus arrived at 8.55am but the driver told hold him to get off because his concessions pass didn’t start till 9am. Needless to say the next bus was a long wait and he was late for work... what a strange paradox that the government is trying to encourage disabled people into work, and yet discourages people to travel before 9am.

May 2013

Prepared 13th September 2013