Transport CommitteeWritten evidence from Bristol Older People’s Forum (DAT 105)

I would like to inform the committee of the practice of First Bus who have apparently changed their attitude to disabled people.

Parents with buggies are occupying the spaces which were intended for people in wheelchairs, and when one of my members protested because this meant he was unable to get on the bus, he was informed that this was now policy and buggies took priority. The problem for him is that he is unable to leave his wheelchair, whereas, buggy owners could remove the baby to their knee and fold the buggy (pushchair) up- as I used to do, something many do not want to go the the trouble of doing. Buses also have steel ramps which can be unfolded to help wheelchair users on the bus, but again, some bus drivers are loath to do this. Yours,

June 2013

Prepared 13th September 2013