Transport CommitteeFurther written evidence from London Biggin Hill Airport (AS 66A)

May I express my thanks once more to you and the Transport Select Committee team for your assistance to us through the Aviation Strategy Inquiry.

As you know the committee requested some further material from us at the evidence session and we are very happy to provide this below and attached.

1. There was a request for further information about connectivity from Biggin Hill and Farnborough. In 2011 flights from Biggin Hill and flights from Farnborough connected to and from respectively 747 and 835 different places around the world. This is more than three times the number of destinations served by scheduled airlines from other London airports.

2. In response to Q 520 (Karen Lumley MP) about the comparison for landing and handling costs at Farnborough compared with Heathrow: To land a Learjet with 1 passenger and park for 1 hour at Heathrow is £5,253. The comparable charge at Farnborough is £470.

3. Please find attached a brief explanation and selected extracts from United States airports policy and its application in New York. The system designates general aviation airports in metropolitan areas to be Reliever airports and says that they should be an attractive alternative for operators to use instead of the busy core airports and that they should also meet their local demand. Please also find in the same document (section 5) directions to the websites for the three documents referred to and from which the brief information on US policy and New York has been drawn*.

4. Finally we are including (attached) the Biggin Hill\Farnborough Q&A document we prepared in advance of the 14.1.13 committee evidence the session as it contains most of what we want to say on the key questions. We thought this might be useful*.

23 January 2013

*Not printed with this document.

Prepared 31st May 2013