Business Today: Chamber for Wednesday 18 June 2014

11.30am Prayers

Followed by


OP buttonOral Questions to the Secretary of State for International Development

1Mr David Hanson (Delyn)
What work her Department is undertaking in Syria; and if she will make a statement. (904293)

2Sandra Osborne (Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock)
What her health priorities are in discussions on the post-2015 development framework. (904294)

3Paul Maynard (Blackpool North and Cleveleys)
What work her Department is undertaking in support of governance, the rule of law and building stable economic institutions. (904295)

4Michael Fabricant (Lichfield)
If she will make it her policy to provide targeted aid to residents of Cuba. (904296)

5Mr Dominic Raab (Esher and Walton)
What programmes are sponsored by her Department in Thailand to reintroduce democracy and support the rule of law. (904297)

6Dr Julian Huppert (Cambridge)
What steps she is taking to end female genital mutilation worldwide. (904298)

7David Morris (Morecambe and Lunesdale)
What effect the formation of the new government in Nepal will have on her Department's programmes in that country. (904299)

8Mr Andy Slaughter (Hammersmith)
If she will take steps to ensure that the funding of infrastructure projects in the Jordan Valley is not dependent on approval from the Israeli government. (904300)

9David Rutley (Macclesfield)
What recent assessment she has made of the humanitarian situation in South Sudan. (904301)

10Alex Cunningham (Stockton North)
If she will take steps to ensure that the funding of infrastructure projects in the Jordan Valley is not dependent on approval from the Israeli government. (904302)

11Priti Patel (Witham)
What programmes her Department operates to improve the criminal justice system of countries in receipt of overseas development assistance. (904303)

12Mark Lazarowicz (Edinburgh North and Leith)
What her health priorities are in discussions on the post-2015 development framework. (904304)

13Christopher Pincher (Tamworth)
What programmes and activity her Department undertakes in Bangladesh. (904305)

14Mark Durkan (Foyle)
What assessment her Department has made of the scale of the threat of rape faced by women in South Sudan; and what steps her Department plans to take to reduce such threats. (904306)

15Jim McGovern (Dundee West)
What recent assessment her Department has made of the effect of illegal settlements on the economic development of Palestine. (904307)

At 11.53am

OP buttonTopical Questions to the Secretary of State for International Development

T1Stephen Phillips (Sleaford and North Hykeham)
If she will make a statement on her departmental responsibilities. (904283)

T2Mr Marcus Jones (Nuneaton) (904284)

T3Paul Flynn (Newport West) (904285)

T4Mr Robert Buckland (South Swindon) (904286)

T5Steve McCabe (Birmingham, Selly Oak) (904287)

T6Graham Evans (Weaver Vale) (904288)

T7Mr David Hanson (Delyn) (904289)

T8Heidi Alexander (Lewisham East) (904290)

T9Graham Jones (Hyndburn) (904291)

T10Mark Menzies (Fylde) (904292)

At 12.00pm

OP buttonOral Questions to the Prime Minister

Q1Kevin Brennan (Cardiff West)
If he will list his official engagements for Wednesday 18 June. (904308)

Q2Richard Harrington (Watford) (904309)

Q3Charlotte Leslie (Bristol North West) (904310)

Q4Mr Nick Raynsford (Greenwich and Woolwich) (904311)

Q5Dr Matthew Offord (Hendon) (904312)

Q6Mr Nicholas Brown (Newcastle upon Tyne East) (904313)

Q7Sarah Newton (Truro and Falmouth) (904314)

Q8Rehman Chishti (Gillingham and Rainham) (904315)

Q9Ian Swales (Redcar) (904316)

Q10Mr David Nuttall (Bury North) (904317)

Q11Mrs Mary Glindon (North Tyneside) (904318)

Q12Priti Patel (Witham) (904319)

Q13Michael Fabricant (Lichfield) (904320)

Q14Miss Anne McIntosh (Thirsk and Malton) (904321)

Q15Mr Tom Clarke (Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill) (904322)




OP buttonUrgent Questions (if any)

OP buttonMinisterial Statements (if any)


1. opposition day (1ST allotted day)

Until 7.00pm (Standing Order No. 9(6))

OP buttonPassport applications

Edward Miliband

Yvette Cooper

Mr Chuka Umunna

Mr David Hanson

Ms Angela Eagle

Ms Rosie Winterton

That this House expresses concern at the experience of constituents applying for passports at HM Passport Office, including lengthy delays and consequential cancellations of holidays and business visits; notes the Government’s response to the Urgent Question from the right hon. Member for Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford of 12 June 2014, setting out emergency measures to deal with the passport backlog after an increase in demand; further notes that HM Passport Office is taking over responsibility for issuing an estimated 350,000 passports to citizens overseas from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office this year; believes that the Government failed to properly plan to meet the level of demand this year; calls on the Government to expand its emergency measures by compensating passport applicants who had to pay for urgent upgrades in recent weeks because of internal delays with HM Passport Office; and further calls for the Secretary of State for the Home Department to publish monthly figures for passport applications from within the UK and abroad compared to previous years to monitor performance at HM Passport Office.

OP buttonEnergy prices

Edward Miliband

Caroline Flint

Ed Balls

Mr Chuka Umunna

Tom Greatrex

Ms Rosie Winterton

That this House notes the policy of Her Majesty’s Official Opposition to freeze energy prices for 20 months while the energy market is reformed; further notes that in recent months wholesale gas and electricity prices have fallen significantly, with gas prices for next day delivery 38 per cent lower than their level this time last year and electricity prices 23 per cent lower; believes that in a properly competitive market wholesale cost reductions should be passed on as quickly and as fully as cost increases; and calls on the Government to provide the energy regulator for Great Britain with powers to force energy suppliers to pass on price cuts to consumers in all parts of Great Britain when wholesale costs fall, if suppliers fail to act.

Relevant documents:

Fifth Report of the Energy and Climate Change Committee, Session 2013-14, on Energy Prices, Profits and Poverty, HC 108, and the Government’s response, HC 717, Session 2013-14; oral evidence taken before the Energy and Climate Change Committee on 29 October 2013, on energy prices, HC 773, Session 2013-14.


The selection of the matters to be debated has been made by the Leader of the Opposition (Standing Order No. 14(2)).


Until 7.30pm or for half an hour (whichever is later) (Standing Order No. 9(7))

OP buttonRushden Lakes and Skew Bridge planning application: Mr Peter Bone





The first part of the sitting will last for two hours. The second part of the sitting will last for two and a half hours (Standing Order No. 10(1)).


OP buttonWashwood Heath RSMD Marshalling Yard: Mr Liam Byrne


OP buttonFuture support for people currently in receipt of the Independent Living Fund: Nic Dakin


The sitting will be suspended from 11.30am to 2.30pm.


OP buttonMelbourne declaration on diabetes: Mr Adrian Sanders


OP buttonDust pollution and fly infestation in Avonmouth, Bristol: Charlotte Leslie [R]


OP buttonImpact of sulphur regulations on the shipping industry, jobs and the environment: Karl Turner

The debate will arise on a motion for the adjournment, to be moved by a Minister.

The second part of the sitting will be suspended and time added if divisions take place in the main Chamber (Standing Order No. 10(1)).



 Statements to be made today

Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills

1.National Minimum Wage

Secretary of State for Education

2.Technical awards and vocational education for 14 to 19-year olds

Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

3.Agenda of Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council (EPSCO) 19 June 2014, Luxembourg


Texts of Written Statements are available from the Vote Office and on the internet at



The decision of a Committee to sit in public may be changed without notice.

 Select Committees

OP buttonScience and Technology

Subject: Social media data and real time analytics

Witnesses: Timo Hannay, Managing Director, Digital Science, James Petter, UK Managing Director, EMC, Carl Miller, Research Director, Centre for the Analysis of Social Media, Demos, and Sureyya Cansoy, Director, Tech for Business and Consumer Programmes, techUK; Professor John Preston, Professor of Education, University of East London, Professor Mick Yates, Visiting Professor, Consumer Data Research Centre, University of Leeds, and Dr Ella McPherson, Research Fellow, University of Cambridge (at 10.15am)

The Thatcher Room, Portcullis House

9.00am (private), 9.15am (public)

OP buttonEducation

Subject: Foundation years: Sure Start Children's Centres - Government response

Witnesses: Elizabeth Truss MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department for Education

The Wilson Room, Portcullis House

9.15am (private), 9.30am (public)

OP buttonWork and Pensions

The Grimond Room, Portcullis House

9.15am (private)

OP buttonBusiness, Innovation and Skills

Subject: Business-University Collaboration

Witnesses: Steve Yianni, Chief Executive, and Dr Paul Zanelli, Chief Technology Officer, Transport Systems Catapult; Professor Richard Jones, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation, University of Sheffield, Professor Greg Marsden, Director of the Institute for Transport Studies, and Professor Richard Thorpe, Pro-Dean for Research, Leeds University, and Nigel Foster, Chair of Institute for Transport Studies External Advisory Board (2.00pm)

Transport Systems Catapult, Milton Keynes

1.00pm (private), 1.15pm (public)

OP buttonDefence

Subject: Towards the Next Defence and Security Review: Part Two

Witnesses: Lord Stirrup, former Chief of the Defence Staff; Lord Richards, former Chief of the Defence Staff (at 3.30pm)

The Grimond Room, Portcullis House

1.45pm (private), 2.30pm (public)

OP buttonEnvironmental Audit

Subject: National Pollinator Strategy

Witnesses: Professor Ian Boyd, Chief Scientific Adviser, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Matt Shardlow, Chief Executive, Buglife, Professor Dave Goulson, Sussex University, and Dr Julian Little, Head of Government Affairs, Bayer CropScience; Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, National Farmers’ Union, Friends of the Earth, and Women's Institute (at 3.00pm)

Room 5

2.00pm (private), 2.15pm (public)

OP buttonEuropean Scrutiny

Room 19

2.00pm (private)

OP buttonHealth

Room 17

2.00pm (private)

OP buttonNorthern Ireland Affairs

Subject: Administrative scheme for “on-the-runs”

Witnesses: Rt Hon Peter Hain MP, former Secretary of State for Northern Ireland; Christopher Daly, representing the Hyde Park families (at 3.45pm)

The Wilson Room, Portcullis House

2.00pm (private), 2.30pm (public)

OP buttonPublic Accounts

Subject: Maintenance of strategic infrastructure

Witnesses: Graham Dalton, Chief Executive, Highways Agency, and Philip Rutnam, Permanent Secretary, Department for Transport

Room 15

2.00pm (private), 2.15pm (public)

OP buttonScottish Affairs

Subject: The Referendum on Separation for Scotland

Witnesses: Rt Hon Ed Balls MP, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, and Cathy Jamieson MP, Shadow Financial Secretary to the Treasury

Room 8

2.00pm (private), 2.30pm (public)

OP buttonEnvironment, Food and Rural Affairs

Room 18

2.30pm (private)

OP buttonFinance and Services

Room 13

2.30pm (private)

OP buttonTreasury

Subject: Appointment of Professor Kristin Forbes to the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England

Witnesses: Professor Kristin Forbes, Jerome and Dorothy Lemelson Professor of Management and Global Economics, MIT Sloan School of Management

The Thatcher Room, Portcullis House

2.30pm (private), 2.45pm (public)

OP buttonProcedure

Subject: Business in Westminster Hall

Witnesses: Paul Evans, Clerk of the Table Office, House of Commons

Room 16

3.00pm (private), 3.15pm (public)

OP buttonStatutory Instruments

Room 7

As soon as convenient after 3.45pm (private)

OP buttonSelection

Room 13

4.45pm (private)

 Joint Committees

OP buttonHuman Rights

Subject: Legal aid: children and the residence test

Witnesses: Mr Shailesh Vara MP, Minister of State, Ministry of Justice

Room 3A

9.30am (private), 9.45am (public)

OP buttonStatutory Instruments

Room 7

3.45pm (private)




OP button1st Report: Underachievement in Education by White Working Class Children, HC 142

Time of publication: 00.01am


OP button1st Report: 2014 accountability hearing with the Health and Care Professions Council, HC 339

Time of publication: 00.01am

 Public Accounts

OP button2nd Report: Help to buy equity loans, HC 281

Time of publication: 00.01am

 Environmental Audit

OP button2nd Special Report: HS2 and the environment: Government response to the Thirteenth Report of the Committee, Session 2013–14, HC 216

Time of publication: 10.00am


OP button1st Report, HC 332-i

Time of publication: 10.30am


OP button1st Report: Respect Policy, HC 321

Time of publication: 11.00am




In accordance with the House’s decision of 8 May 2014, during the 2014-15 Session the deadline for the tabling of amendments, new Clauses and new Schedules to programmed bills at Report Stage will be three days prior to the day on which the Report Stage takes place (i.e. the previous Wednesday for a Monday, the previous Thursday for a Tuesday, and previous Friday for a Wednesday). This arrangement will be in place for the duration of this Session as a trial period and applies to all programmed bills.

The deadlines for the tabling of amendments to forthcoming Report Stages will therefore be as follows:

Deregulation Bill

(Report Stage on Monday 23 June): the rising of the House on Wednesday 18 June.

Wales Bill

(Report Stage on Tuesday 24 June): the rising of the House on Thursday 19 June.

The existing arrangements for black and white “starred” amendments will remain in place.

 Forthcoming End of Day Adjournment Debates

OP buttonTuesday 24 June to Monday 30 June

Applications should be made in writing to the Table Office by 7pm or rise of the House, whichever is the earlier, on Wednesday 18 June. The Ballot will take place on Thursday 19 June.

 Future Departments Answering in Westminster Hall

OP buttonWeek beginning 30 June

Attorney General; Business, Innovation and Skills; Cabinet Office; Deputy Prime Minister; Environment, Food and Rural Affairs; Health; Home Office; Leader of the House; Northern Ireland; Transport; Treasury; Wales; Work and Pensions.



If there is more than one candidate, the ballot will take place between 10.00am and 1.00pm today in Committee Room 16.

As soon as practicable after the votes have been counted the Speaker will announce to the House the results of the ballot.

For further details, please see the Briefing Note available in the Vote Office and on the internet:


Only the first fifteen names of a candidate’s own party validly submitted in support of a candidature are printed.

Up to and including Tuesday 17 June 2014


David Tredinnick

Nominated by (own party)

Mr Ian Liddell-Grainger, Glyn Davies, Mr Julian Brazier, Robert Neill, Sir Edward Leigh, Michael Ellis, Mr Mark Spencer, Mr Philip Hollobone, Sir Roger Gale, Sir Alan Haselhurst, Stephen Mosely, George Hollingbery, Iain Stewart, Philip Davies, Mr Robert Walter

Nominated by (other parties)

Mr Peter Hain, Grahame M. Morris, Fabian Hamilton, Mr Shaun Woodward, Pamela Nash

Relevant interests declared


Dr Phillip Lee

Nominated by (own party)

Mr Charles Walker, Mr Dominic Raab, Nigel Adams, Caroline Nokes, Priti Patel, Simon Hart, Mr John Whittingdale, Stephen Barclay, Mr Mark Hoban, Stephen Phillips, Sheryll Murray, Pauline Latham,Mary Macleod, Mr Tim Yeo, Bob Stewart

Nominated by (other parties)

Ian Lavery, Thomas Docherty, Jim Shannon, Sir Robert Smith, Mr Elfyn Llwyd

Relevant interests declared

GP Locum–Self-employed


Dr Sarah Wollaston

Nominated by (own party)

Dr Thérèse Coffey, Paul Maynard, Michael Fabricant, Heather Wheeler, Mr David Davis, Robert Halfon, Sir Tony Baldry, Charlie Elphicke, Mr Gary Streeter, Chris Skidmore, Sir Peter Bottomley, Mark Reckless, Mr Andrew Mitchell, Zac Goldsmith, Jacob Rees-Mogg

Nominated by (other parties)

Kevin Barron, Ann Clwyd, Meg Hillier,

Barbara Keeley, Simon Hughes

Relevant interests declared


Charlotte Leslie

Nominated by (own party)

Penny Mordaunt, Mr Brian Binley, Dame Angela Watkinson, Andrea Leadsom, Sir William Cash, Caroline Dinenage, Angie Bray, Nicola Blackwood, Mark Garnier, Dr Liam Fox, Hugh Robertson, Nick Boles, Kris Hopkins, Andrew Rosindell, Mr Peter Lilley

Nominated by (other parties)

Geraint Davies, Mr Ronnie Campbell, Chi Onwurah, Mr Gerry Sutcliffe, Greg Mulholland

Relevant interests declared

Father is a member of the Royal College of Surgeons;

Trustee of Charity (including mental health) “Fight for Change”


Mrs Caroline Spelman

Nominated by (own party)

Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, Karen Lumley, Sir James Paice, Peter Aldous, Crispin Blunt, Richard Benyon, Laura Sandys, Sir Peter Luff, Alistair Burt, Margot James, Neil Parish, Maria Miller, Sir Richard Ottaway, Sir John Randall, Fiona Bruce

Nominated by (other parties)

Simon Wright, Joan Walley

Relevant interests declared


Result of the Private Members’ Bill Ballot 2014-15

 1. Andrew George 2. Michael Moore 3. Robert Neill

 4. Mr Richard Bacon 5. Jeremy Lefroy 6. Clive Efford

 7. Sarah Teather 8. Julian Sturdy 9. Mr Mark Spencer

10. Jonathan Evans11. Ian Mearns12. Dan Jarvis

13. Jake Berry14. Andrew Bingham15. Yvonne Fovargue

16. John Hemming17. Mr Christopher Chope18. Mark Lazarowicz

19. Mr David Davis20. Martin Horwood

Presentation of Bills

Ballot Bills will be presented on Wednesday 2 July (SO No. 14(11)).

Following the agreement by the House on 2 December 2013 of dates of periodic adjournments, the earliest date to give notice of presentation of non-ballot Bills under Standing Order No. 57 (Presentation and first reading) will be Thursday 3 July (SO No. 14(12)(b)) and the earliest day on which such bills may be presented will be Monday 7 July.

Ten Minute Rule Motions

Thursday 3 July will also be the earliest date on which notice can be given of a Motion for leave to bring in a Bill under Standing Order No. 23 (the “ten minute rule”), initially for Tuesday 15, Wednesday 16 and Tuesday 22 July and Tuesday 2 September.



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