Oral Answers
Monday 23 June 2014

Work and Pensions1
      Benefit Entitlement: Foreign Workers15
      Benefits Claimants: Appeals13
      Employment Figures6
      Employment Trends: Private Sector14
      Jobseeker’s Allowance: Sanctions12
      Personal Independence Payments4
      Retirement Advice16
      Topical Questions16
      Universal Credit9
      Universal Jobmatch8
      Work Capability Assessment1
      Workplace Pensions11

Written Statements
Monday 23 June 2014

Foreign and Commonwealth Office1WS
      Foreign Affairs Council/General Affairs Council1WS
      Roads Reform4WS
Work and Pensions5WS
      Personal Independence Payment5WS

Written Answers
Monday 23 June 2014

      Domestic Violence and Sexual Offences51W
Business, Innovation and Skills99W
      Chief Scientific Advisers101W
      Consultation Papers101W
      Disabled Students' Allowances: North West101W
      Engineering: Females102W
      Minimum Wage104W
      Money Lenders104W
      Postal Services105W
      Science: Finance105W
      Shipbuilding: Overseas Workers105W
      Students: Finance106W
      Sunday Trading Act 1994107W
      Telephone Services107W
Cabinet Office54W
      Business Premises: West Midlands54W
      Conditions of Employment55W
      Employment: Dartford57W
      Self-employed: Young People58W
      Shared Services Connected59W
      Social Security Benefits: Females59W
Communities and Local Government108W
      Compulsory Purchase108W
      Compulsory Purchase: Haringey108W
      Equal Opportunities108W
      Housing: ICT108W
      Housing: Planning Permission109W
      Local Government109W
      Noise: Pollution Control110W
      Planning Permission111W
      Regeneration: Liverpool111W
Culture, Media and Sport70W
      Hundred Years’ War: Anniversaries71W
      National Lottery: Arts71W
      Public Libraries71W
      World Heritage Sites: South West73W
      Air Force84W
      Aircraft Carriers85W
      Armed Forces: Recruitment85W
      Armed Forces: Training85W
      Army: Recruitment86W
      Army Reserve86W
      Army: Training88W
      AWE Aldermaston93W
      Clyde Naval Base93W
      Departmental Records95W
      Intelligence Services95W
      Joint Strike Fighter Aircraft95W
      Military Aircraft96W
      Nuclear Weapons: Proliferation96W
      Official Visits97W
      Shipbuilding: Portsmouth97W
      Tornado Aircraft98W
      Unmanned Air Vehicles99W
      Written Questions99W
Deputy Prime Minister69W
      Electoral Register69W
      Local Government: Tees Valley69W
      Polling Stations: Schools69W
      Sovereignty: Scotland70W
      Transparency of Lobbying, Non-party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Act 201470W
      Unmanned Air Vehicles70W
      Academies: Capital Investment75W
      Academies: Land75W
      Chief Scientific Advisers77W
      Children in Care77W
      Children: Social Services77W
      Dominic Cummings78W
      First Aid: Education79W
      Free Schools79W
      Literature: GCSE81W
      Magna Carta81W
      Pupils: Mental Health81W
      Science: Females82W
      Special Educational Needs83W
      Teachers: Disciplinary Proceedings83W
      Teachers: Early Retirement83W
      Teachers: Pensions84W
      Teachers: Veterans84W
Energy and Climate Change73W
      Natural Gas: Imports73W
      Nuclear Power Stations: Safety74W
      Wind Power: Seas and Oceans74W
      Written Questions74W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs61W
      Beef: Imports61W
      Bovine Tuberculosis62W
      Chief Scientific Advisers62W
      Common Agricultural Policy63W
      Drinking Water: Contamination63W
      Floods: Christchurch64W
      Food: Packaging64W
      Food: Recycling65W
      Food: Waste Disposal67W
      Forestry Commission68W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office42W
      Chief Scientific Advisers43W
      India and Pakistan43W
      Peacekeeping Operations44W
      South Asia44W
      Written Questions45W
      Accident and Emergency Departments12W
      Ambulance Services12W
      Breast Cancer14W
      Cancer: Drugs14W
      Chief Scientific Advisers15W
      Clinical Commissioning Groups: Suffolk16W
      Cystic Fibrosis16W
      Equitable Life Independent Inquiry17W
      Food Banks18W
      Food: Charitable Donations18W
      Gender Recognition19W
      General Practitioners19W
      Health: Business21W
      Health Services: Reciprocal Arrangements20W
      HIV Infection21W
      Magnetic Resonance Imagers21W
      Medical Records: Disclosure of Information22W
      NHS: Disclosure of Information23W
      NHS: Negligence23W
      Nurses: Redundancy23W
      Nursing and Midwifery Council26W
      Parkinson's Disease27W
      Pharmaceutical Price Regulation Scheme27W
      Plastic Surgery28W
      Public Health England28W
      Sexually Transmitted Infections30W
Home Department45W
      Bovine Tuberculosis45W
      Disclosure of Information45W
      Driving Offences: Insurance46W
      Entry Clearances46W
      Modern Slavery Bill48W
      Police Community Support Officers48W
      Sovereignty: Scotland49W
House of Commons Commission49W
      Clerk of the House49W
      Palace of Westminster50W
International Development40W
      Developing Countries: Carbon Emissions40W
      Developing Countries: Sanitation41W
      Girl Summit41W
      India and Pakistan41W
      Indian Subcontinent42W
      Bronzefield Prison1W
      Chief Scientific Advisers1W
      Community Rehabilitation Companies1W
      Criminal Injuries Compensation2W
      European Convention on Human Rights2W
      Fraud: Sentencing3W
      Personal Independence Payment: Appeals4W
      Prison Accommodation4W
      Prisoner Escapes5W
      Prisoners: Radicalism5W
      Prisoners: Sanitary Protection6W
      Prisons: Employment6W
      Prisons: Staff7W
      Probation Trusts7W
      Secure Colleges: Leicestershire8W
      Social Security Benefits: Appeals9W
      Social Security Benefits: Medical Examinations10W
      Telephone Services11W
Northern Ireland51W
      Bloody Sunday Tribunal of Inquiry51W
      Overseas Trade51W
      Telephone Services52W
      World War I52W
Prime Minister53W
      Climate Change: International Cooperation53W
      Official Visits53W
      Public Expenditure53W
      UK Membership of EU53W
      Chief Scientific Advisers111W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line111W
      Large Goods Vehicle Drivers113W
      Telephone Services114W
      Bank Levy31W
      Chief Scientific Advisers31W
      Children: Day Care31W
      Credit: Interest Rates32W
      Delegated Legislation33W
      Disciplinary Proceedings33W
      Dover Priory Station33W
      Equitable Life Assurance Society: Compensation33W
      Financial Markets34W
      Financial Ombudsman Service34W
      Financial Services35W
      Income Tax: Northern Ireland35W
      Insurance: Unfair Practices36W
      Minimum Wage: Northern Ireland36W
      Money Advice Service and Financial Ombudsman Service37W
      Mortgages: Government Assistance37W
      Revenue and Customs38W
      Revenue and Customs: Northern Ireland38W
      Tax Avoidance39W
      Tax Avoidance: Northern Ireland39W
      Tax Evasion39W
      Telephone Services40W
      Wind Power40W
Women and Equalities113W
      Domestic Violence113W
Work and Pensions114W
      Employment and Support Allowance115W
      Employment and Support Allowance: Bradford115W
      Employment and Support Allowance: West Yorkshire115W
      Employment Schemes: Glasgow116W
      Jobcentre Plus116W
      Jobcentre Plus: Middlesbrough117W
      National Employment Savings Trust Scheme117W
      Personal Independence Payment117W
      Social Security Benefits119W
      State Retirement Pensions: British Nationals Abroad120W
      Unemployment: Young People120W
      Universal Credit121W
      Work Capability Assessment122W