Oral Answers
Tuesday 24 June 2014

      Bank Lending171
      Business Taxes172
      Child Poverty179
      Construction Industry180
      Employment Figures169
      Help to Buy Scheme182
      Housing Market174
      Inflation and Growth182
      Long-term Economic Plan178
      Payment of Tax177
      Topical Questions184

Written Statements
Tuesday 24 June 2014

Culture, Media and Sport7WS
      Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council7WS
Foreign and Commonwealth Office9WS
      Conflict Resources9WS
      Safety, Transparency and Openness in the NHS12WS
Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority Committee13WS
      IPSA's Estimate (2014-15)13WS

Tuesday 24 June 2014

Communities and Local Government1P
      Humberstone Heights Golf Course (Leicester)1P

Written Answers
Tuesday 24 June 2014

Business, Innovation and Skills165W
      Companies: Ownership165W
      Employment Agencies: Vetting165W
      Exports: Scotland166W
      Exports: Syria167W
      Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988167W
      Royal Mail167W
      Royal Mail: Scotland168W
Cabinet Office147W
      Fraud, Error and Debt Taskforce147W
      Government Departments: Procurement147W
Communities and Local Government130W
      Counties: Lancashire130W
      Fire Services130W
      Fire Services: Pensions130W
      Landlords: Planning Permission131W
      Right to Buy Scheme132W
Culture, Media and Sport123W
      Direct Selling123W
      Mobile Phones124W
      Mobile Phones: Herefordshire124W
      Sports: Public Participation125W
      Armed Forces: Mental Health Services159W
      Armed Forces: Peterborough160W
      Army: Recruitment161W
      Army Reserve160W
      Defence: Expenditure163W
      Defence: Procurement163W
      European Fighter Aircraft163W
      Joint Strike Fighter Aircraft164W
      Military Aircraft164W
      Nimrod Aircraft164W
      Telephone Services164W
Deputy Prime Minister123W
      Social Mobility123W
      Chemistry: Teachers141W
      Further Education: Admissions141W
      Local Education Authorities: Disclosure of Information141W
      School Choice141W
      Schools: Disciplinary Proceedings142W
      Science: Primary Education142W
      Teachers: Training142W
Electoral Commission Committee126W
      Electoral Register: British Nationals Abroad126W
Energy and Climate Change142W
      Coal: Mining143W
      Energy: Meters143W
      Fuel Poverty144W
      Green Deal Scheme144W
      Land Use145W
      Liquefied Petroleum Gas145W
      Mobile Homes: Energy146W
      Nuclear Power: Decommissioning146W
      Oil: Exploration146W
      Private Rented Housing: Energy146W
      Wind Power: Suffolk147W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs135W
      Beef: Imports135W
      Birds of Prey136W
      Bovine Tuberculosis136W
      Forests: Christchurch136W
      Mangoes: India137W
      Members: Correspondence139W
      Nature Conservation140W
      Plastic Bags: Taxation140W
      Telephone Services140W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office199W
      Central African Republic201W
      Committee on Missing Persons in Cyprus201W
      Roads: City of Westminster202W
      UK Membership of EU202W
      United Arab Emirates203W
      Western Sahara203W
      Ambulance Services: Bolton149W
      Cystic Fibrosis150W
      Family Planning151W
      Food Poisoning151W
      Gastrointestinal System153W
      Health Visitors153W
      Hearing Aids154W
      In Vitro Fertilisation155W
      Kidneys: Diseases155W
      Kidneys: Donors155W
      Motor Neurone Disease156W
      Motor Vehicles: Smoking156W
      Out of Area Treatment: Scotland156W
      Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome156W
      Prostate Cancer: Drugs157W
      Shingles: Vaccination158W
      Telephone Services158W
      Transplant Surgery159W
Home Department126W
      Alcoholic Drinks: Misuse126W
      Asylum: Syria127W
      Chief Scientific Advisers127W
      Crime: LGBT People128W
      Didier Pierre Paulet128W
      Driving under Influence128W
      Sexual Offences: Registration129W
      Stop and Search129W
      Stop and Search: Essex130W
House of Commons Commission134W
      Computer Software134W
      Parliament: Wi-fi135W
      Parliamentary Information and Communications Technology Service135W
International Development203W
      Central African Republic203W
      Developing Countries: Disability204W
      Developing Countries: Industry205W
      Developing Countries: Migration205W
      Developing Countries: Remittances205W
      Freedom of Information206W
      Telephone Services206W
      Children: Advocacy182W
      Claims Management Services182W
      Community Rehabilitation Companies183W
      Courts: Children184W
      Employment Tribunals Service185W
      HM Inspectorate of Prisons186W
      Human Trafficking186W
      Prison Accommodation187W
      Prisons: Capital Investment189W
      Prisons: Crimes of Violence190W
      Repossession Orders192W
      Aviation: Security147W
      Motor Vehicles: Excise Duties148W
      Motor Vehicles: Testing149W
      Air Passenger Duty: Scotland195W
      Children: Day Care195W
      Dover Priory Station196W
      Employment Levels193W
      Financial Devolution193W
      Fuel Duty193W
      Income Tax196W
      Job Creation195W
      Long-term Economic Plan194W
      Money Advice Service195W
      Network Rail197W
      Nuclear Power Stations197W
      Pensioner Savings194W
      Roads: City of Westminster198W
      Sanitary Protection: Taxation198W
      Video Games: Tax Allowances198W
Work and Pensions168W
      Children: Maintenance168W
      Employment and Support Allowance174W
      Employment: Private Sector175W
      Employment Schemes174W
      Independent Living Fund175W
      Independent Living Fund: Birmingham176W
      Jobcentre Plus176W
      Jobseeker's Allowance176W
      Legal Opinion177W
      Maternity Allowance177W
      National Insurance: Asylum177W
      Personal Independence Payment178W
      Personal Independence Payment: Glasgow179W
      Social Security Benefits179W
      Social Security Benefits: Asylum180W
      Universal Credit180W
      Work Capability Assessment181W