Oral Answers
Wednesday 25 June 2014

Cabinet Office297
      Departmental Efficiency299
      Government Statistics301
      Social Enterprises303
      Topical Questions304
      Trade Union Facility Time297
      Union Subscriptions302
      Youth Services302
Prime Minister306

Written Statements
Wednesday 25 June 2014

Business, Innovation and Skills15WS
      Regional Growth Fund (Correction)15WS
      Zero-hours Contracts15WS
      Early Years Pupil Premium17WS
Energy and Climate Change18WS
      EU Energy Council18WS
      Cheque Imaging/SME Credit Data16WS
      Recovery of Public Sector Exit Payments16WS

Written Answers
Wednesday 25 June 2014

Business, Innovation and Skills230W
      Companies: Ownership230W
      Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate230W
      Higher Education: Dartford231W
      Minimum Wage231W
      Telephone Services232W
Cabinet Office227W
      Brain: Tumours228W
      Government Procurement: SMEs227W
      Muslim Brotherhood229W
      Public Sector Mutuals228W
      Social Enterprises228W
      Telephone Services229W
Communities and Local Government232W
      Combined Authorities: Tees Valley232W
      Fire Services: Pensions232W
Culture, Media and Sport207W
      Air Force: Training221W
      Armed Forces: Cadets221W
      Armed Forces: Crimes of Violence222W
      Army: Length of Service223W
      Army: Recruitment224W
      Army Reserve223W
      D-day Landings: Anniversaries225W
      European Fighter Aircraft225W
      Military Decorations225W
      Ministerial Policy Advisers225W
      Nuclear Weapons226W
      South Asia226W
      Type 26 Frigates226W
      Veterans: Mental Health Services227W
Deputy Prime Minister230W
      Sovereignty: Scotland230W
      Teachers: Veterans227W
Energy and Climate Change233W
      Energy: China235W
      Housing: Energy235W
      Housing: Insulation236W
      Liquefied Petroleum Gas237W
      Nuclear Power237W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office237W
      Drugs: Misuse241W
      Healthy Start Scheme243W
      Hospitals: Waiting Lists243W
      In Vitro Fertilisation: Trafford244W
      Medicine: Research244W
      Organs: Donors245W
Home Department208W
      Domestic Violence: Dartford209W
      HM Passport Office209W
      HM Passport Office: Belfast210W
      Human Trafficking210W
      Members: Correspondence210W
International Development220W
      South Asia220W
      Community Rehabilitation Companies211W
      Courts: Video Conferencing212W
      Health Professions: Crimes of Violence212W
      Islam: Marriage212W
      Prisons: Closures213W
      Prisons: Employment213W
      Prisons: Overcrowding214W
      Prisons: Staff216W
      Written Questions208W
      A5: Shrewsbury218W
      Large Goods Vehicles218W
      Motor Vehicles: Excise Duties218W
      Speed Limits: Cameras219W
      Valuation of Life and Health Interdepartmental Group220W
      Building Societies245W
      Children: Day Care246W
      Minimum Wage246W
      Mortgages: Government Assistance246W
      Stamp Duty Land Tax247W
      Venture Capital247W
Work and Pensions248W
      Disadvantaged: EU Grants and Loans248W
      National Insurance248W
      National Insurance Contributions Office: Newcastle Upon Tyne248W
      New Enterprise Allowance249W
      Occupational Health251W
      Personal Independence Payment251W
      Social Security Benefits: Nottinghamshire251W
      Social Security Benefits: Preston252W
      Universal Credit252W

Ministerial Correction
Wednesday 25 June 2014

      Bronzefield Prison1MC