Oral Answers
Thursday 26 June 2014

Business, Innovation and Skills445
      Employment Support: Young People451
      Energy-intensive Industries455
      Foreign Direct Investment454
      Life Sciences450
      National Minimum Wage456
      Regional Growth447
      Regional Growth450
      Regulatory Burden: Businesses454
      Small Businesses458
      Small Businesses and Self-employed People453
      Topical Questions459
      Vocational Training448
      Workplace Insecurity445
      Zero-hours Contracts446

Written Statements
Thursday 26 June 2014

Business, Innovation and Skills21WS
      British Business Bank21WS
Communities and Local Government23WS
      Openness of Local Government23WS
Culture, Media and Sport24WS
      Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 201324WS
      Gifting Package (Republic of Kazakhstan)24WS
      Service Complaints Commissioner's Sixth Annual Report25WS
Energy and Climate Change25WS
      Energy Savings25WS
Foreign and Commonwealth Office26WS
      Afghanistan Monthly Progress Report26WS
      EU-Georgia Association Agreement27WS
      EU-Moldova Association Agreement27WS
      EU-Ukraine Association Agreement28WS
      Health Council30WS
      Liverpool Care Pathway30WS
      Standardised Tobacco Packaging29WS
Home Department32WS
      Detention of Persons with Statutorily Extended Leave33WS
      Immigration Removals (New Restraint System)34WS
      National Fraud Authority34WS
      Potential Miscarriages of Justice34WS
      Parliamentary Oral Question (Correction)36WS
Northern Ireland36WS
      Hallett Inquiry36WS
Prime Minister36WS
      House of Lords (Appointments)37WS
      Intelligence Services Commissioner (Annual Report)36WS
      HS2 Safeguarding Directions37WS
      Tax Policy22WS
Work and Pensions38WS
      Child Poverty Strategy 2014-1738WS
      Defined Ambition Pensions39WS
      Health and Safety Executive (Triennial Review)40WS

Written Answers
Thursday 26 June 2014

Business, Innovation and Skills283W
      Adult Education: Harrogate283W
      Agriculture: Government Assistance283W
      Apprentices: Greater London284W
      Bankruptcy: Harlow284W
      Comet Group285W
      Companies: Ownership285W
      Conditions of Employment285W
      Disabled Students' Allowances286W
      Disabled Students' Allowances: Warrington286W
      EU External Trade: Kenya287W
      Groceries Code Adjudicator287W
      Higher Education: Student Wastage288W
      Low Pay289W
      Minimum Wage289W
      Overseas Students: EU Nationals290W
      Postal Services290W
      Students: Loans291W
      Trade Promotion: Northern Ireland292W
      Voluntary Work: Schools292W
Cabinet Office315W
      Civil Servants: Qualifications315W
      Government Departments: Trade Unions315W
      Pancreatic Cancer316W
      Performance Appraisal317W
Communities and Local Government268W
      Affordable Housing: Nottinghamshire268W
      Housing: Harlow269W
      Non-domestic Rates: Warrington269W
      Private Rented Housing: Children270W
      Public Buildings: Disability270W
Culture, Media and Sport332W
      Battle of Waterloo: Anniversaries332W
      Civil Partnerships332W
      Direct Selling333W
      Public Libraries336W
      Public Libraries: Lincolnshire336W
      Armed Forces: Asperger's Syndrome262W
      Armed Forces: Cadets263W
      Joint Strike Fighter Aircraft263W
      Type 26 Frigates264W
Deputy Prime Minister326W
      Official Hospitality326W
      Voting Behaviour327W
      Chemistry: Teachers327W
      Colleges of Education: Greater London328W
      Music: Education328W
      Pupil Numbers329W
      Pupils: Safety329W
Electoral Commission Committee265W
      Electoral Commission265W
      Electoral Register265W
      Electoral Register: British Nationals Abroad266W
      Electoral Register: Northern Ireland266W
      General Election 2010267W
      Written Questions268W
Energy and Climate Change295W
      Energy: Prices296W
      Housing: Energy298W
      Radioactive Waste298W
      Renewable Energy298W
      Renewables Obligation299W
      Wind Power300W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs329W
      Animal Welfare: Circuses329W
      Beavers: Devon330W
      Common Agricultural Policy330W
      Educational Testing Service330W
      Flood Control: Thames Gateway330W
      Horses: Animal Welfare331W
      Members: Correspondence331W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office253W
      British Indian Ocean Territory255W
      Alcoholic Drinks: Misuse271W
      Breast Cancer272W
      General Practitioners277W
      Genito-urinary Medicine: Scotland278W
      Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome278W
      Health Professions: Crimes of Violence278W
      Heart Diseases279W
      Medical Records: Databases280W
      Medical Treatments280W
      Mental Illness281W
      Pancreatic Cancer281W
      Valuation of Life and Health Interdepartmental Group283W
Home Department292W
      Asylum: Housing293W
      Domestic Violence294W
      Marriage Certificates295W
International Development317W
      Developing Countries: National Income317W
      Sustainable Development317W
      Acklington Prison301W
      Blakenhurst Prison302W
      Community Orders: Ashfield303W
      Driving Offences: Insurance304W
      Family Law304W
      Homicide: Victim Support Schemes305W
      Prisons: Crimes of Violence310W
      Prisons: Employment311W
      Probation Trusts312W
      Wellingborough Prison312W
Northern Ireland259W
      Civil Servants: Recruitment259W
      Educational Testing Service259W
      Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission260W
      Senior Civil Servants260W
      Trade Promotion260W
      World War I: Anniversaries261W
Prime Minister259W
      Northern Ireland259W
      Educational Testing Service261W
      Large Goods Vehicles261W
      Carbon Emissions312W
      Child Benefit313W
      Child Benefit: Warrington313W
      Children: Day Care313W
      Dover Priory Station314W
      Interest Rate Swap Transactions315W
      Unemployment: Young People315W
Women and Equalities336W
      Written Questions336W
Work and Pensions318W
      Child Support318W
      Children: Day Care319W
      Children: Maintenance319W
      Council Tax Benefits319W
      Employment and Support Allowance320W
      Home Visits321W
      Housing Benefit322W
      Independent Living Fund323W
      Jobseeker's Allowance323W
      National Insurance Contributions Office: Newcastle Upon Tyne324W
      Personal Independence Payment325W
      Universal Credit325W
      Universal Credit: South East326W
      Written Questions326W

Ministerial Correction
Thursday 26 June 2014

House of Commons Commission3MC
      Parliamentary Information and Communications Technology Service3MC