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Oral Answers
Tuesday 1 July 2014

      Acting for the Public Good731
      Foreign National Prisoners736
      Interpreters and Translation Services739
      Keith Williams729
      King Richard III738
      Mesothelioma Victims734
      Prison Places732
      Probation Service729
      Reoffending Level725
      Shared Services (Newport)735
      Topical Questions740

Written Statement
Tuesday 1 July 2014

Foreign and Commonwealth Office55WS
      Italian EU Presidency Priorities55WS

Tuesday 1 July 2014

Environment, Food and Rural Affairs4P
      UK Hunger and the Use of Food Banks4P
      NHS Health Services in Guisborough, Skelton, Brotton and Park End (Middlesbrough)3P

1 July 2014 : Column 507

1 July 2014 : Column 507

Written Answers
Tuesday 1 July 2014

      Performance Appraisal521W
      Serious Fraud Office521W
Business, Innovation and Skills534W
      Agriculture: Technology534W
      Business: North Yorkshire535W
      Business: Northern Ireland535W
      Companies: Ownership536W
      Educational Testing Service536W
      Energy: Industry538W
      EU External Trade: USA538W
      Foreign Investment in UK: Northern Ireland539W
      National Careers Service539W
      New Businesses: Government Assistance539W
      New Businesses: Hackney540W
      NHS: Drugs540W
      Performance Appraisal540W
      Public Houses541W
      Regional Growth Fund541W
      Trade Promotion: Egypt542W
Cabinet Office605W
      Alcoholic Drinks: Misuse605W
Communities and Local Government607W
      Cemeteries: Planning Permission607W
      Coastal Communities Fund608W
      Council Tax Reduction Schemes608W
      Disciplinary Proceedings609W
      Fire Services609W
      Fire Services: Pensions610W
      Hedges and Ditches610W
      Parish Councils611W
      Parking Offences: Appeals612W
      Queen's Park Community Council612W
      Voluntary Organisations612W
      Wind Power: Planning Permission613W
      Written Questions: Government Responses613W
Culture, Media and Sport588W
      Educational Testing Service589W
      HMS Victory589W
      Memorials Grant Scheme590W
      Performance Appraisal591W
      World War I: Anniversaries591W
      Chief Scientific Advisers554W
      Defence: Procurement554W
      Interception Warrants554W
      Joint Strike Fighter Aircraft554W
      Reserve Forces555W
      Children: Protection549W
      Educational Testing Service549W
      Government Procurement Card549W
      Internet: Bullying550W
      Languages: Education550W
      Local Government Services: Children550W
      Pupils: Disadvantaged551W
      Pupils: Mental Health551W
      Schools: Admissions552W
      Schools: Swimming552W
      Special Educational Needs552W
      Vocational Guidance553W
Electoral Commission Committee613W
      Electoral Register613W
      Electoral Register: Young People613W
Energy and Climate Change583W
      Carbon Emissions583W
      Energy: Prices584W
      Fuels: Prices585W
      Green Deal Scheme585W
      Renewable Energy: Egypt586W
      Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme586W
      Universal Credit587W
      Warm Front Scheme: York587W
      Warm Home Discount Scheme587W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs530W
      Agriculture: Subsidies530W
      Beef: Prices531W
      Bovine Tuberculosis531W
      Common Agricultural Policy532W
      Dogs: Diseases532W
      Food Supply533W
      Marine Animals533W
      Valuation of Life and Health Interdepartmental Group533W
      Veterinary Medicine: Antibiotics534W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office596W
      Armed Conflict: Sexual Offences596W
      Conflict Resolution: Females597W
      Middle East601W
      Northern Ireland601W
      Occupied Territories602W
      St Lucia604W
      Abortion: Scotland508W
      Alcoholic Drinks: Misuse508W
      Allergies: Children509W
      Care Homes510W
      Educational Testing Service511W
      General Practitioners511W
      General Practitioners: Rural Areas512W
      General Practitioners: South Lakeland513W
      Health Professions513W
      Heart Diseases514W
      Liver Diseases515W
      Medicine: Education517W
      Mental Health Services: Children518W
      NHS England518W
      Nurses and Midwives519W
      Performance Appraisal519W
      Prescriptions: Fees and Charges519W
      Tobacco: Packaging521W
Home Department542W
      Animal Experiments542W
      Domestic Violence and Sexual Offences543W
      Domestic Violence: Peterborough543W
      Educational Testing Service544W
      HM Passport Office544W
      HM Passport Office: Newport545W
      Human Trafficking545W
      Islam: Marriage546W
      Passports: Ashfield547W
      Passports: Kilmarnock547W
      Performance Appraisal547W
      Telephone Services548W
      Viral Haemorrhagic Disease548W
International Development592W
      Developing Countries592W
      Developing Countries: Family Planning592W
      Occupied Territories594W
      Performance Appraisal595W
      West Africa595W
      Access to Justice556W
      Direct Selling556W
      Drake Hall Prison557W
      Everthorpe Prison558W
      Homicide: Bereaved Families555W
      Homicide: Legal Aid Scheme559W
      Homicide: Victim Support Schemes559W
      Human Rights Act 1998560W
      Low Newton Prison560W
      New Roads and Street Works Act 1991561W
      Performance Appraisal561W
      Personal Injury: Compensation562W
      Prison Places555W
      Prisoners: Deaths566W
      Prisoners: Repatriation567W
      Prisons: Employment572W
      Prisons: Interpreters575W
      Secure Colleges578W
      Styal Prison578W
      Unpaid Fines580W
      Victim Support Schemes580W
      Witnesses: Children580W
      Work and Training: Prisoners556W

1 July 2014 : Column 511

      High Speed 2 Railway Line521W
      Motorways: Accidents522W
      Performance Appraisal522W
      Railways: North of England523W
      Rescue Services524W
      Shipping: Exhaust Emissions525W
      West Coast Railway Line526W
      Educational Testing Service580W
      Environment Protection: Taxation581W
      Export Control Order 2008581W
      Lloyds Bank: TSB581W
      Revenue and Customs582W
      Tax Avoidance583W
Women and Equalities614W
      Performance Appraisal614W
Work and Pensions526W
      Children: Maintenance526W
      Educational Testing Service527W
      Employment and Support Allowance527W
      Employment Schemes529W
      Performance Appraisal529W
      Personal Independence Payment529W
      Telephone Services529W
      Winter Fuel Payments: York530W
      Work Programme530W