Infrastructure Bill

Written evidence submitted by Mrs Anne Main MP (IB 14)

Dear Hon. Members of the Committee,

I am writing to make a submission for your consideration in advance of the committee meeting, scrutinising the Infrastructure Bill tomorrow, 18th December 2014.

May I suggest that an appropriate amendment be considered that places an obligation on large-scale developers to consider environmental issues?  The essence of this would be best large-scale development can use the surrounding environment to complement new planning through innovative low-carbon solutions such as grey water and photovoltaic energy?

As you may be aware, a railfreight site on 3.5 million sq ft in my constituency has recently been approved.  I was somewhat perturbed that more was not, or could not be done to compel the developers to consider green issues.

If we are to be a country which seeks to live in our environment in a sustainable way, then it may be beneficial for firms to be obliged to consider these environmental issues – providing this does not damage smaller firms, and hamper possible necessary development.

There is a company in my constituency, Renewable Energy Solutions (RES), who have been highly commended for their work in providing low-carbon energy solutions.  It is the cutting-edge work of companies such as RES that will do more than almost any other single body to advance a low-carbon economy – and properly harness clean and cheap energy to provide for our growing demand.

I believe some degree of obligation would advance these technologies and provide low-cost, clean energy well into the future.  I would be grateful if Hon. Members considered my comments, and would be happy to see any Member of the Committee table an appropriate amendment which deals with these concerns.

December 2014

Prepared 19th December 2014