Infrastructure Bill

Written evidence submitted by Vernon Moat (IB 29)

This is a submission from Vernon Moat, the writer & editor of

RealNewsUK was started in 2002 as an online analysis of the London Media & Politics.

Over the years I have witnessed the variations in UK Democracy put before the population of the United Kingdom. And the way the London Media protects that illusion by manipulating not just the ordinary population but the Members of Parliament in their daily work.

2 The Infrastructure Bill appears to be the mass transfer of UK Public owned sovereign assets to the City of London Banks for later privatisation.

Also included is the introduction of Fracking into the UK.

Fracking which has been well documented as; financially unviable, a source of; land, water & air pollution, which has been banned in two US States.

The £150Bn setup costs are to be put on consumer’s energy bills without providing any benefit in energy provision or price cuts.

3 To carry this out without any mandate from the electorate & in secrecy without any public debate is reprehensible.

This is an obvious misuse of Parliament by the Conservative government & The City of London Bankers. They have shown themselves to be subverting Parliament by using their power over the UK Real Economy to both block the regulation of Corporate Law & intentionally & aggressively manipulate & restrict the growth of the UK Real Economy. (Austerity)

This matter should be put before the electorate during the coming election, the failure to do so will not only demean respect for The Palace of Westminster, it will increase calls for localised devolution from London & its tainted administrations.

4 To even consider any more privatisation or increase in corporate power in the UK, first we should deal with the past failures. The Royal Mail privatisation, HMRC, Defence & other government ministries being insidiously influenced & infiltrated by the USA & City of London corporations.

Any further eradication of Democracy & transfer of power to the Corporate Economy & the City of London Bankers will lay the UK open to the avarice destructive uncontrolled pillaging of UK sovereign assets.

5 The committee should also be aware of the consequences & evolution of the Neoliberal agenda being propagated within London’s intellectual elite with its links with The New World Order corporations whose intension are to bankrupt nations & use War & Fraud to create a new Criminal World State.

6 Proposals.

To move the Bank of England out of the City of London or create a Bank of UK for the Real Economy.

To move HMRC out of London & place under the control of the Bank of UK.

To move the Serious Fraud Office out of London & independently finance.

To move all Ombudsmen Offices out of London & give powers to prosecute for fraud.

To set up a new domestic/small business community banking system.

To give local councillors powers to protect local communities from corporate fraud.

To let County/Town Councils ban companies from contracts if they are not UK tax kitemarked.

To ensure that Government contracts are only given to HMRC UK Kite marked companies.

Local councils should be given powers to set up community purchasing groups for; energy, broadband, food, banking, insurance.

County Councils/Town Councils should be separated from central Government blackmail, bribery,

The UK Real Economy should be separated from the Corporate World Economy.

The UK Real Economy should be separated from City of London liabilities.

County/Town Councils should focus more on to local electorate needs.

Set up local news & TV networks independent of London control & influence.

Set up "industry for jobs" network outside of political control.

Break up the BBC into local companies protected from privatisation.

Make disinformation on main stream media news illegal.

January 2014

Prepared 9th January 2015