Modern Slavery Bill

UK Network of Sex Work Projects (MS 22)

1. About UKNSWP : The UK Network of Sex Work Projects is a voluntary sector umbrella organisation to which projects providing support services to sex workers can affiliate. UKNSWP is a charity which aims to facilitate networking and the sharing of good practice in the provision of support services for sex workers. The aim of the UKNSWP is:

"To promote the health, safety, civil and human rights of sex workers, including their rights to live free from violence, intimidation, coercion or exploitation, to engage in the work as safely as possible, and to receive high quality health and other services in conditions of trust and confidentiality, without discrimination on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, culture or religion"

Our criteria for assessing policy and law relating to prostitution are that they should enhance the health, safety, civil and human rights of sex workers and enable the provision of accessible, quality & needs based support services.

UKNSWP has more than 60 member projects across the UK which offer frontline support services to, and have direct contact with, thousands of female and male sex workers throughout the UK. UKNSWP facilitates the sharing of good practice in the provision of support services for sex workers and promotes the health and safety of sex workers. Members are well placed to observe the impact of laws and policies on sex workers and on targeted services themselves. We hope that the views of experienced health and social care professionals working within our member projects will be given due consideration, as they are based on professional practice-based experience of working with people involved in prostitution in a range of sectors. UKNSWP also has a strong Associate member affiliation which consists of many key academics with a solid background of empirical ethically conducted research on prostitution in the UK.

2. Comments in relation to Modern Slavery Bill: We have the following brief observations:

1. The UK Network of Sex Work Projects welcomes the broad approach of the Modern Slavery Bill to slavery, forced labour and human trafficking, which moves away from a focus primarily on sex trafficking and recognises that human trafficking involves a range of circumstances; and does not conflate sex trafficking (relating to compulsory labour/sexual exploitation) with sex work/prostitution (which both UK nationals and migrant workers may enter of their own volition). In not restricting its concerns to one gender, it also acknowledges that crimes such as human trafficking or sexual exploitation do not solely affect women and girls and that men, boys and transgender people can also be victims of these offences.

2. We would like to see more detailed information and guidance regarding protection of victims. We would also be interested to know how it is proposed to enforce compensation to victims under slavery and trafficking reparation orders (part 1, section 9).

September 2014

Prepared 17th September 2014