The Implications of Scottish Independence on Business: Higher Education and Research: and Postal Services - Business, Innovation and Skills Committee Contents

1  Background

1. In preparation for the referendum on Scottish independence, we decided to consider the impact of a "yes" vote on those areas which are covered by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills. Our evidence concentrated on three main areas: business, higher education and postal services.

2. We took evidence from business, higher education and postal service organisations in Scotland. This was followed by evidence from the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills and Rt Hon David Willetts MP, the Minister with responsibility for Higher Education. On a number of occasions we invited Mr John Swinney MSP to give the view of the Scottish Executive. It is a matter of regret that despite being offered a range of dates, Mr Swinney declared himself unable to attend our meetings. In his absence, we have drawn on the Scottish Government's White Paper to gain an understanding how a "yes" vote would impact on these areas.

3. The forthcoming referendum on Scottish Independence has an impact not just on Scottish businesses and citizens but on all UK citizens and businesses. We thank those organisations which gave evidence to our Committee. It is however, regrettable that the Scottish Government failed to accept our invitation to give evidence or to engage fully with this inquiry.

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Prepared 8 August 2014