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Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the Committee's inquiry web page at INQ numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1  4Children (ALE0016)

2  Andrea (ALE0048)

3  Army (ALE0046)

4  Army (ALE0079)

5  Association Of Colleges (ALE0023)

6  Association Of Employment And Learning Providers (ALE0009)

7  BBC (ALE0043)

8  Booktrust (ALE0026)

9  C (ALE0056)

10  Cascade Foundation (ALE0052)

11  Margaret Chadwick (ALE0072)

12  City & Guilds (ALE0028)

13  Sally Collard (ALE0005)

14  Crossbow Education Ltd (ALE0044)

15  Julia Davies (ALE0075)

16  Department For Business Innovation And Skills (ALE0036)

17  Department For Business Innovation And Skills (ALE0087)

18  Department For Business Innovation And Skills (ALE0089)

19  Department For Work And Pensions (ALE0031)

20  Dyslexia Action (ALE0017)

21  First Class Learning Broughton (ALE0059)

22  First Class Learning Chesterfield (ALE0057)

23  Forest Read Easy Deal (ALE0063)

24  Got To Read (ALE0015)

25  Veronica Joan Greyer (ALE0020)

26  HMP Leicester (ALE0085)

27  J (ALE0060)

28  Jane (ALE0058)

29  Sally Kirkland (ALE0062)

30  Learndirect (ALE0039)

31  Learning Link (ALE0069)

32  Leicester College (ALE0082)

33  Leicester Prison (ALE0083)

34  Leon (ALE0084)

35  Libby Coleman (ALE0035)

36  Local Government Association (ALE0024)

37  Sarah Long (ALE0055)

38  McDonald's Restaurants Ltd (ALE0029)

39  McDonald's Restaurants Ltd (ALE0030)

40  Medusa (ALE0054)

41  Ministry of Justice (ALE0088)

42  Ken Moore (ALE0064)

43  National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (ALE0033)

44  National Literacy Trust (ALE0021)

45  National Literacy Trust (ALE0051)

46  National Numeracy (ALE0004)

47  NCC (ALE0047)

48  OCR (ALE0037)

49  Ofqual (ALE0038)

50  Ofsted (ALE0034)

51  Joan O'Hagan (ALE0007)

52  Open Awards (ALE0003)

53  Open University (ALE0027)

54  S Ozkan (ALE0073)

55  Prisoners Education Trust (ALE0042)

56  Publishers Association (ALE0018)

57  Quick Reads (ALE0008)

58  Read Easy UK (ALE0061)

59  Reading Agency (ALE0013)

60  Reading Force (ALE0086)

61  Rex Hall Community Interest Company (RHCIC) (ALE0001)

62  RNIB (ALE0019)

63  Robin Hood School (ALE0090)

64  Caroline Robinson-Day (ALE0071)

65  Ruskin Readers Adult Literacy Club (ALE0066)

66  Society of Chief Librarians and the Association of Senior Children's and Education Librarians (ALE0014)

67  St Antony's Adult and Community Training Centres (ALE0070)

68  St Mungo's (ALE0025)

69  St Mungo's Broadway (ALE0077)

70  St Mungo's Broadway (ALE0080)

71  St Mungo's Broadway (ALE0081)

72  St Vincent College (ALE0032)

73  Lyn Tett (ALE0053)

74  Think2read (ALE0045)

75  Tower Hamlets College (ALE0078)

76  Alan Tuckett OBE (ALE0067)

77  Unionlearn TUC (ALE0041)

78  University and College Union (ALE0006)

79  University of Bristol, Graduate School of Education, (ALE0065)

80  University of Worcester (ALE0076)

81  Kris Ventris-Field (ALE0050)

82  Eleanor Willard (ALE0002)

83  Eunice Whitelaw (ALE0068)

84  Workers' Educational Association (ALE0022)

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Prepared 8 September 2014