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5  Conclusion

66. The negotiation process for TTIP is on-going and much of the detail has yet to be either agreed or made public. It is therefore not possible to come to a definitive conclusion on the benefits or risks of an extensive trade agreement between the EU and the US. Unfortunately, in the absence of that detail or undertakings that negotiating texts will be made public, the debate on the trade agreement has become polarised. The current European Trade Commissioner, Ms Malmstr½m, is moving the European Commission in the right direction by making more information public. However, too much detail remains beyond public scrutiny. TTIP has the potential to have a significant impact on the UK economy, on jobs and on public services but the debate on it so far has been marked by too much "dog-whistle" politics on each side. Everyone involved in the debate on TTIP—campaigners, lobbyists, business groups, the UK Government and the European Commission—must ensure that an evidence-based approach is taken.

67. When our successor Committee revisits this matter, we hope that those on all sides of the argument will take a more considered approach to the benefits and risks attached to a trade treaty between the EU and the US.

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Prepared 25 March 2015