Litter and fly-tipping in England Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the Committee’s inquiry web page. LIT numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Action on Smoking and Health (LIT0104)

2The Assn. of London’s Public Sector Waste Management Professionals (LIT0042)

3Allan Sharpe (LIT0001)

4Bolsover District Council (LIT0009)

5Bolton & District Civic Trust (LIT0090)

6Braintree District Council (LIT0070)

7British Soft Drinks Association (LIT0061)

8Campaign to Protect Rural England (LIT0069, LIT0109)

9Carnegie UK Trust (CUKT) (LIT0060)

10Caroline Lewis (LIT0024)

11Charles Hook (LIT0077)

12Chewing Gum Action Group (CGAG) (LIT0086)

13City Of London Corporation (LIT0097)

14CIWM (LIT0091)

15Clean Highways (LIT0063, LIT0088)

16Clean Up Britain (LIT0058)

17CleanupUK (LIT0066)

18Compton & Shawford Parish Council (LIT0085)

19Crawford Daly (LIT0022)

20Crewe Clean Team (LIT0084)

21David Alexander (LIT0012)

22David Mason (LIT0011)

23Department of Communities and Local Government (LIT0093)

24Derby City Council (LIT0037)

25Derby Telegraph (LIT0056)

26Dr J Watkinson (LIT0038)

27East Hampshire District Council (LIT0071)

28East Tisted Parish Council (LIT0018)

29Elaine Simpson (LIT0027)

30Ferndown Town Council (LIT0081)

31Fiona Unwin (LIT0043)

32Foodservice Packaging Association (LIT0057)

33Frampton Cotterell Village Action Litter Busters (LIT0013)

34Graham Andrews (LIT0023)

35Great Yarmouth Borough Council (LIT0079)

36Hampshire Association of Local Councils (LIT0080)

37Heather Frenkel (LIT0026)

38The Industry Council for Research on Packaging & the Environment (LIT0031)

39James McManners OBE (LIT0010)

40Janet Slootweg (LIT0046)

41Japan Tobacco International (LIT0096)

42Jim Murphy (LIT0036)

43John Kent (LIT0035)

44Keep Britain Tidy (LIT0065, LIT0107)

45Kevin Webb (LIT0029)

46Kington Local Environment and Energy Network (KLEEN) (LIT0030)

47Local Government Association (LIT0073)

48London Borough Of Camden (LIT0072)

49Lympne Parish Council (LIT0039, LIT0055)

50Marine Conservation Society (LIT0092)

51McDonald’s Restaurants Ltd. (LIT0089)

52Melchet Park & Plaitford Parish Council (LIT0062)

53Mick Wright (LIT0025)

54Mike Ward (LIT0034)

55Mr Gary Peart (LIT0074)

56Mr S Prince (LIT0021)

57Mr Simon Bacon (LIT0047)

58Mr David Macmillan (LIT0007)

59Newnham Parish Council (LIT0087)

60NFU (LIT0048)

61Paul Jeffries (LIT0045)

62Paul Summerfield (LIT0106)

63Pauline Edwards (LIT0020)

64Peter Bebb (LIT0044)

65Peter Tiffany (LIT0082)

66Philip Wheeler (LIT0006)

67Port of London Authority (LIT0059)

68Portsmouth City Council (LIT0068)

69Robert Baertlett (LIT0017)

70Robert Jones-Mantle (LIT0083)

71South Lakeland District Council (LIT0032)

72Stephen (LIT0054)

73Test Valley Borough Council (LIT0049)

74The New Brighteners (LIT0050)

75The Packaging Federation (LIT0052)

76The Wrigley Company Ltd (LIT0105)

77Tobacco Manufacturers’ Association (LIT0095, LIT0098, LIT0099)

78Trevor Bevins (LIT0003)

79Wandsworth Borough Council (LIT0041)

80Warwickshire Waste Partnership (LIT0075)

81Waste Transition Ltd (LIT0008)

82West End Parish Council (LIT0040)

83Zilch UK (LIT0053)