Towards the next Defence and Security Review: Part Two-NATO - Defence Committee Contents


The following witnesses gave evidence. Transcripts can be viewed on the Committee's inquiry page at

Wednesday 7 May 2014  Question number
Sir Hew Strachan, Chichele Professor of the History of War, All Souls College, Oxford, and James de Waal, Senior Consulting Fellow, International Security Department, Chatham House Q1-50

Wednesday 18 June 2014
Lord Stirrup, former Chief of the Defence Staff gave evidence. Q1-98 Q51-98
Lord Richards, former Chief of the Defence Staff Q99-153

Tuesday 24 June 2014
Keir Giles, Chatham House, and Edward Lucas, The Economist Q154-195
Major General Neretnieks, (retired), Robin Niblett, Chatham House, and Igor Sutyagin, RUSI Q196-212

Tuesday 1 July 2014
Sir Andrew Wood, former UK Ambassador to Moscow and Associate Fellow, Chatham House Q213-255

Wednesday 9 July 2014
James Sherr, Associate Fellow, Chatham House, Chris Donnelly, Director, Institute for Statecraft, and General Sir Richard Shirreff, former Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe, NATO Q256-313
Rt Hon Philip Hammond MP, Secretary of State for Defence, Peter Watkins CBE, Director General, Security Policy and Paul Wyatt, Head, Defence Strategy and Priorities, Ministry of Defence Q314-387

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Prepared 31 July 2014