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7  Conclusion

149. Better PSHE and SRE has the potential to help efforts to address many 'problems' in society, including teenage pregnancy, STI rates, drug and alcohol abuse, cyberbullying, and child sexual exploitation. While the role of schools in tackling these should not be overplayed, young people have a right to information that will help keep them healthy, happy and safe. It is appropriate that schools should be required to provide this information, working closely with parents. Parents are the first and most important educators of their children. In fulfilling this new duty schools should be required to engage fully with parents and ensure an effective home-school partnership in delivering PSHE and SRE.

150. We recognise that simply placing additional duties on schools is not sufficient in itself. The vision of a trained PSHE teacher in every primary and secondary school is achievable through funded CPD. Accountability through Ofsted inspections must be retained. Together these measures can produce the step change in the quality of PSHE which the subject desperately needs if young people are to be better equipped to tackle life in 21st century Britain.

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Prepared 17 February 2015