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List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

All publications from the Committee are available on the Committee's website at The reference number of the Government's response to each Report is printed in brackets after the HC printing number.

Session 2010-12
First Special Report Young people not in education, employment or training: Government Response to the Children, Schools and Families Committee's Eighth Report of Session 2009-10 HC 416
Second Special Report The Early Years Single Funding Formula: Government Response to the Seventh Report from the Children, Schools and Families Committee, Session 2009-10 HC 524
Third Special Report Transforming Education Outside the Classroom: Responses from the Government and Ofsted to the Sixth Report of the Children, Schools and Families Committee, Session 2009-10 HC 525
Fourth Special Report Sure Start Children's Centres: Government Response to the Fifth Report from the Children, Schools and Families Committee, Session 2009-10 HC 768
First Report Behaviour and Discipline in Schools HC 516-I and -II

(HC 1316)

Second Report The role and performance of Ofsted HC 570-I and II
(HC 1317)
Fifth Special Report Looked-after Children: Further Government Response to the Third Report from the Children, Schools and Families Committee, Session 2008-09 HC 924
Third Report Services for young people HC 744-I and-II

(HC 1501)

Fourth Report Participation by 16-19 year olds in education and training HC 850-I and-II

(HC 1572)

Fifth Report The English Baccalaureate HC 851

(HC 1577)

Sixth Report Services for young people: Government Response to the Committee's Third Report of Session 2010-12 HC 1501

(HC 1736)

Seventh Report Appointment of HM Chief Inspector, Ofsted HC 1607-I
Eighth Report Chief Regulator of Qualifications and Examinations HC 1764-I and -II
Ninth Report Great teachers: attracting, training and retaining the best HC 1515-I

(HC 524, Session 2012-13)

Session 2012-13
First Report The administration of examinations for 15-19 year olds in England HC 141-I

(HC 679)

Second Report Appointment of Chair, Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission HC 461-I
Third Report Governance and leadership of the Department for Education HC 700

(HC 919)

Fourth Report Children first: the child protection system in England HC 137-I

(HC 993)

Fifth Report Support for Home Education HC 559-I

(HC 1013)

Sixth Report Pre-legislative scrutiny: Special Educational Needs HC 631-I
Seventh Report Careers guidance for young people: The impact of the new duty on schools HC 632-I

(HC 1078)

Eighth Report From GCSEs to EBCs: the Government's proposals for reform HC 808-I

(HC 1116)

Session 2013-14
First Report 2012 GCSE English results HC 204

(HC 662)

Second Report The Role of School Governing Bodies HC 365

(HC 661)

Third Report School sport following London 2012: No more political football HC 364

(HC 723)

Fourth Report School Partnerships and Cooperation HC 269

(HC 999)

Fifth Report Foundation Years: Sure Start Children's Centres HC 364
(HC 1141)
Sixth Report Residential Children's Homes HC 716

Session 2014-15
First Special Report Residential Children's Homes: Government's response to Committee's Sixth Report of Session 2013-14 HC 305
First Report Underachievement in Education by White Working Class Children HC 142

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