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List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

All publications from the Committee are available on the Committee's website at www.parliament.uk/education-committee.

The reference number of the Government's response to each Report is printed in brackets after the HC printing number.

Session 2010-12
First Special Report Young people not in education, employment or training: Government Response to the Children, Schools and Families Committee's Eighth Report of Session 2009-10 HC 416
Second Special Report The Early Years Single Funding Formula: Government Response to the Seventh Report from the Children, Schools and Families Committee, Session 2009-10 HC 524
Third Special Report Transforming Education Outside the Classroom: Responses from the Government and Ofsted to the Sixth Report of the Children, Schools and Families Committee, Session 2009-10 HC 525
Fourth Special Report Sure Start Children's Centres: Government Response to the Fifth Report from the Children, Schools and Families Committee, Session 2009-10 HC 768
First ReportBehaviour and Discipline in Schools HC 516-I and -II

(HC 1316)

Second ReportThe role and performance of Ofsted HC 570-I and II
(HC 1317)
Fifth Special Report Looked-after Children: Further Government Response to the Third Report from the Children, Schools and Families Committee, Session 2008-09 HC 924
Third ReportServices for young people HC 744-I and-II

(HC 1501)

Fourth ReportParticipation by 16-19 year olds in education and training HC 850-I and-II

(HC 1572)

Fifth ReportThe English Baccalaureate HC 851

(HC 1577)

Sixth ReportServices for young people: Government Response to the Committee's Third Report of Session 2010-12 HC 1501

(HC 1736)

Seventh ReportAppointment of HM Chief Inspector, Ofsted HC 1607-I
Eighth ReportChief Regulator of Qualifications and Examinations HC 1764-I and -II
Ninth ReportGreat teachers: attracting, training and retaining the best HC 1515-I

(HC 524, Session 2012-13)

Session 2012-13
First ReportThe administration of examinations for 15-19 year olds in England HC 141-I

(HC 679)

Second ReportAppointment of Chair, Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission HC 461-I
Third ReportGovernance and leadership of the Department for Education HC 700

(HC 919)

Fourth ReportChildren first: the child protection system in England HC 137-I

(HC 993)

Fifth ReportSupport for Home Education HC 559-I

(HC 1013)

Sixth ReportPre-legislative scrutiny: Special Educational Needs HC 631-I
Seventh ReportCareers guidance for young people: The impact of the new duty on schools HC 632-I

(HC 1078)

Eighth ReportFrom GCSEs to EBCs: the Government's proposals for reform HC 808-I

(HC 1116)

Session 2013-14
First Report2012 GCSE English results HC 204

(HC 662)

Second ReportThe Role of School Governing Bodies HC 365

(HC 661)

Third ReportSchool sport following London 2012: No more political football HC 364

(HC 723)

Fourth ReportSchool Partnerships and Cooperation HC 269

(HC 999)

Fifth ReportFoundation Years: Sure Start Children's Centres HC 364

(HC 1141)

Sixth Report Residential Children's Homes HC 716

Session 2014-15
First Special Report Residential Children's Homes: Government's response to Committee's Sixth Report of Session 2013-14 HC 305
First Report Underachievement in Education by White Working Class Children HC 142

(HC 647)

Second ReportInto independence, not out of care: 16 plus care options HC 259

(HC 738)

Third ReportAppointment of the Children's Commissioner for England HC 815
Fourth ReportAcademies and free schools HC 258
Fifth ReportLife lessons: PSHE and SRE in schools HC 145
Sixth ReportApprenticeships and traineeships for 16 to 19 year-olds HC 597

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