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Twelfth Special Report

The Environmental Audit Committee reported to the House on 8 December 2014 on Action on Air Quality (HC 212). On 16 December a prospective EU directive on air quality, which was discussed in our report, was dropped from the European Commission's 2015 Work Programme, "to be modified as part of the legislative follow-up to the 2030 Energy & Climate Package".[1] On 15 December, we had written to the President of the European Commission about this.[2] On 21 January we wrote to the Defra minister about air quality monitoring,[3] which was also discussed in our report, and he responded on 31 January 2015.[4] The Infrastructure Bill, which included provisions relating to the remit of the Strategic Highways Company (another issue covered in our report), was given Royal Assent on 12 February. The Government response to our Report was received on 20 February 2015, and is appended below.

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4   Letter to the Committee from Dan Rogerson MP (31 January 2015) Back

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