Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the Committee's inquiry web page at www.parliament/eacom. INQ numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

Adrian Foster (AIR0058)

Air Products (AIR0011)

Anthony Greenough (AIR0021)

Autogas Ltd (AIR0052)

Baroness Jones, London Assembly (AIR0080)

Battersea Society (AIR0059)

Birmingham Friends Of The Earth (AIR0039)

Breathe Clean Air Group (AIR0012)

Bristol City Council (AIR0084)

10 British Heart Foundation (AIR0057)

11 Butler Kelly Ltd (AIR0007)

12 Bvrla (AIR0082)

13 Campaign For Air Pollution Public Inquiry (AIR0003)

14 Campaign For Better Transport (AIR0036)

15 Carter Knowle And Millhouses Community Group (AIR0086)

16 City Of London Corporation (AIR0019)

17 Ciwem (AIR0010)

18 Clean Air In London (AIR0045); (AIR0088)

19 Clientearth (AIR0056)

20 Committee On The Medical Effects Of Air Pollutants (Comeap) (AIR0027)

21 Crigglestone Parish Council (AIR0074)

22 David Davies (AIR0066); (AIR0092)

23 Defra (AIR0050)

24 Department for Communities and Local Government (AIR0101)

25 Department for Transport (AIR0100)

26 Dr Stanislaw Prokop (AIR0005)

27 East End Quality Of Life Initiative (AIR0062)

28 Environmental Industries Commission (AIR0065)

29 Environmental Protection Uk (AIR0037)

30 Environmental Research Group (AIR0033)

31 European Commission (AIR0064)

32 Exeter City Council (AIR0081)

33 Freight Transport Association (AIR0048)

34 Friends Of The Earth (AIR0054)

35 Gatwick Airport Limited (AIR0047)

36 Healthy Air Campaign (AIR0098)

37 Hybridrive Solutions (AIR0085)

38 Iarla Kilbane-Dawe (AIR0051)

39 Institution Of Environmental Sciences (AIR0029)

40 Ita Policy & Strategy Team On Behalf Of The West Midlands Strategic Transport Officers Group (Stog) (AIR0026)

41 James M Donlon (AIR0071)

42 Jill Austen (AIR0022)

43 John D Hall (AIR0001)

44 John Kaye (AIR0067)

45 John McDonnell MP et al (AIR0099)

46 KCL monitoring report - Alan Whitehead MP (AIR0075)

47 KCL Monitoring Report - Caroline Nokes MP (AIR0076)

48 KCL Monitoring Report - Joan Walley MP (AIR0077)

49 KCL Monitoring Report - Matthew Offord MP (AIR0078)

50 KCL Monitoring Report - Mike Kane MP (AIR0079)

51 KCL Monitoring Report–Caroline Spelman MP (AIR0102)

52 Liquid Air Energy Network (AIR0043)

53 London Borough Of Hounslow (AIR0034)

54 London Councils (AIR0031)

55 London Forum Of Amenity And Civic Societies (AIR0063)

56 London Sustainability Exchange (AIR0040)

57 Mayor of London (AIR0070); (AIR0090);

58 Michael Ryan (AIR0096)

59 Ms Rosemary Atkins (AIR0072)

60 Murad Qureshi Am (AIR0016)

61 National Centre For Atmospheric Science (AIR0009)

62 Natural Environment Research Council (Nerc) (AIR0015)

63 New West End Company (AIR0061)

64 Nicholas Bradshaw (AIR0087)

65 Nigel Roberts (AIR0006)

66 No To Silvertown Tunnel Campaign (AIR0023)

67 Pendragon Pr (AIR0069)

68 Public Health England (AIR0013)

69 Putney Society (AIR0032)

70 Rac Foundation (AIR0014)

71 Sheffield City Council (AIR0044); (AIR0089); (AIR0093)

72 Society Of Motor Manufacturers And Traders (Smmt) (AIR0017)

73 Sophie Howard (AIR0053)

74 Sustrans (AIR0002)

75 The Anaerobic Digestion & Biogas Association (AIR0046)

76 The Dearman Engine Company Ltd (AIR0035)

77 The Greenfuel Company Ltd (AIR0008); (AIR0060)

78 Tim Henderson (AIR0028)

79 Tom Kennedy (AIR0049)

80 Weareresidents.Org (AIR0024)

81 Zipcar (Uk) Limited (AIR0025); (AIR0083)

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Prepared 16 December 2014