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Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the Committee's inquiry web page. FSY numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1  AB Sugar (FSY0006)

2  Agricultural Biotechnology Council (FSY0025)

3  AIC Ltd (FSY0033)

4  Atkinson, Susan (FSY0012)

5  Benton, Professor Tim (FSY0054)

6  Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (FSY0055)

7  Blackmore, Prof Simon (FSY0051)

8  British Poultry Council (FSY0041)

9  British Retail Consortium (FSY0018)

10  CLA (FSY0043)

11  Crop Protection Association UK Ltd (FSY0031)

12  Dairy Crest Plc (FSY0013)

13  Dairy UK (FSY0046)

14  Defra (FSY0056)

15  Department For Environment, Food And Rural Affairs (FSY0044)

16  Eating Better: For A Fair, Green, Healthy Future (FSY0045)

17  Food And Drink Federation (FSY0027)

18  Food Ethics Council (FSY0023)

19  Food Security Ltd (FSY0042)

20  Food Standards Agency (FSY0014)

21  Friends Of The Earth England Wales And Northern Ireland (FSY0036)

22  Genewatch UK (FSY0005)

23  Germains Seed Technology (FSY0008)

24  GM Freeze (FSY0032)

25  GM-Free Cymru (FSY0026)

26  Greenall, Catherine (FSY0034)

27  Griffith and Jones, Peter and TSW (FSY0021)

28  Imta (FSY0050)

29  John Innes Centre (FSY0052)

30  Macpherson, Euan (FSY0002)

31  National Farmers Union (NFU) (FSY0029)

32  NFWI (FSY0037)

33  Noah (FSY0035)

34  Nourish Scotland (FSY0009)

35  Oxfam (FSY0047)

36  Panton, Ian (FSY0053)

37  Research Councils UK (FSY0016)

38  Rothamsted Research (FSY 0057)

39  RSPB (FSY0038)

40  RSPCA (FSY0019)

41  Scientific Alliance (FSY0028)

42  Shorrocks, Dr Victor (FSY0004)

43  Slinger, William Henry (FSY0020)

44  Soil Association (FSY0015)

45  UK Food Group (FSY0039)

46  University Of York (FSY0024)

47  Waitrose (FSY0040)

48  Wildlife And Countryside Link (FSY0030)

49  Williams, Alexandra (FSY0022)

50  WWF-UK (FSY0010)

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Prepared 1 July 2014