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Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the Committee's inquiry web page at numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1  Action with Communities in Rural England (RBB0068)

2  Arkengarthdale Parish Council (RBB0026)

3  Barbers Rural Consultancy LLP (RBB0004)

4  Barton St David Parish Council (RBB0032)

5  Broadband Stakeholder Group (RBB0096)

6  Broadband Vantage Ltd (RBB0013)

7  BT (RBB0091)

8  BT (RBB0099)

9  Business in the Community (RBB0082)

10  Central Bedfordshire Council (RBB0089)

11  Chief Economic Development Officers Society (RBB0027)

12  CLA (RBB0046)

13  Clive Dibben (RBB0036)

14  Cllr Tom Howard (RBB0083)

15  Cllr Roger Cashmore (RBB0048)

16  Colton Parish Council, Cumbria (RBB0065)

17  Compton Bassett Parish Council (RBB0059)

18  Compton Dundon Parish Council (RBB0037)

19  Cornwall Rural Community Charity (RBB0070)

20  David Ashe (RBB0088)

21  Derbyshire Rural & Farming Network (RBB0072)

22  Dr Andrew Shuttleworth (RBB0002)

23  East Riding of Yorkshire Council (Directorate of Planning & Economic Regeneration) (RBB0075)

24  Federation of Small Businesses (RBB0079)

25  Field Studies Council (RBB0073)

26  Fontburn Residents Association and Internet Project (RBB0067)

27  Francesca Darby (RBB0035)

28  Government Digital Service - Cabinet Office (RBB0081)

29  Graham Long (RBB0028)

30  Hampshire County Council (RBB0094)

31  Hazel Watson (RBB0024)

32  Herefordshire Sustainable Food and Tourism Partnership (RBB0051)

33  Ian Smith (RBB0052)

34  Independent Networks Co-Operative Association Ltd (RBB0040)

35  Institute of Agricultural Secretaries & Administrators (RBB0053)

36  Jack Holland (RBB0033)

37  James Fraser (RBB0005)

38  Katharine Duke (RBB0003)

39  Leicestershire Rural Partnership (RBB0074)

40  LEP Network (RBB0056)

41  Lisa Gilby (RBB0010)

42  Llanfair Waterdine Parish Council (RBB0050)

43  Local Government Association (RBB0090)

44  Mario Terzino (RBB0057)

45  Membury Parish Council (RBB0016)

46  Michael Canham (RBB0043)

47  Mike Dewar (RBB0017)

48  Moorsweb Community Broadband (RBB0054)

49  National Farmers' Union (RBB0064)

50  Neroche Parish Council (RBB0044)

51  New Forest National Park Authority (RBB0071)

52  Pam Feltbower (RBB0030)

53  Peter Naylor (RBB0092)

54  Plymouth University (RBB0042)

55  R W Leedham & Son (RBB0034)

56  Rebecca Pow (RBB0039)

57  Richard Harris (RBB0014)

58  Richard Major (RBB0025)

59  Richard Sherras (RBB0029)

60  Robin Berry (RBB0001)

61  Roy Giles-Morris (RBB0006)

62  Rural West Sussex Partnership (RBB0058)

63  Rutland County Council (RBB0069)

64  Ryedale District Council (RBB0061)

65  Sarus Systems Ltd (RBB0008)

66  Shropshire and Marches Campaign for Better Broadband in Rural Areas (RBB0009)

67  Shropshire and Marches Campaign for Better Broadband in Rural Areas (RBB0055)

68  Shropshire Council (RBB0018)

69  South East Strategic Leaders (SESL) (RBB0095)

70  South Somerset District Council (RBB0031)

71  Stephen Horner (RBB0041)

72  T C King (RBB0078)

73  TalkTalk (RBB0066)

74  The Bulmer Foundation (on Behalf of Hereford Food & Tourism Partnership) (RBB0063)

75  The Stukeleys Parish Council (RBB0060)

76  Threekingham (including Spanby & Stow) Parish Meeting (RBB0019)

77  Throwley Parish Council (RBB0084)

78  University of Aberdeen, Dot.Rural (RBB0080)

79  Velcourt Ltd (RBB0022)

80  Wessex Rural and Farming Network (RBB0085)

81  Williams Automobiles (RBB0021)

82  Winton Parish Meeting, Eden District, Cumbria (RBB0020)

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Prepared 3 February 2015