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13 Appointment of the EU Commission

Committee's assessment Politically important
Committee's decisionCleared from scrutiny

Document detailsDecision of the Council and the President-elect of the Commission adopting the list of other persons whom the Council proposes as Members of the Commission
Legal baseArticle 17(7) TEU

Document number

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

(36410), 14163/14, —

Summary and Committee's conclusions

13.1 In our Report of 15 October we cleared the original Decision of the Council and the President-elect of the Commission setting out nominees for the posts of Commissioners for the 2014-2019 Commission and set out the procedure and timing for the process of establishing the new Commission, including the need to obtain the consent of the European Parliament.

13.2 We indicated that the European Parliament had blocked the nomination of the original Slovenian nominee, Alana Bratušek, who had been replaced by Violeta Bulc. This Decision formalises that change.

13.3 Although not part of the Decision, President-elect Juncker has indicated that he proposes to assign Violeta Bulc the transport portfolio and make Maroš Šefèoviè Vice-President with responsibility for the Energy Union. Both have been subject to further round of pre-appointment hearings before the European Parliament, which is now expected to approve this list.

13.4 This Decision formalises a prospective change to the next EU Commission which we mentioned in our earlier Report. We therefore clear this document and, as with the original Decision, take no issue with the override of scrutiny.

Full details of the documents: Council Decision, taken by common accord with the President-elect of the Commission, adopting the list of the other persons whom the Council proposes for appointment as Members of the Commission: (36410), 14163/14, —.


13.5 The background is set out in our previous Report.

The Explanatory Memorandum of 17 October 2014

13.6 In his Explanatory Memorandum the Minister sets out the position as previously stated in his Explanatory Memorandum of 25 September covering the original Decision, save that the list of persons nominated has been updated.

Previous Committee Report

None, but see 36310, 12777/14: Thirteenth Report HC 219-xiii (2014-15), chapter 34 (15 October 2014).

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