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Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the Committee's inquiry web page at numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1  Alan Paul (HNG0618)

2  Alvin Y.H. Cheung (HNG0270)

3  Arthur Lau (HNG0734)

4  Asia Public Affairs And Social Services Society, The University Of Manchester (HNG0549)

5  British Council (HNG0503)

6  Britishhongkong (HNG0345)

7  Calvin Lee (HKG0047)

8  Chan Chun Ki Francis (HNG0073)

9  Chan Sheung Man (HNG0487)

10  Charlie Si (HNG0518)

11  Ching Yiu Shing (HNG0296)

12  Chloe Leung (HNG0268)

13  Chun Yee Au (HNG0072)

14  David Lui and Arvin Kong (HNG0572)

15  Deryck Y.K. Chan (HNG0473)

16  Dr Tim Summers (HNG0607)

17  Enoch Manto Liu (HNG0724)

18  Foreign and Commonwealth Office (HNG0748)

19  Foreign and Commonwealth Office (HNG0772)

20  Hin-Wah Leung (HNG0614)

21  HK Basic Law Institute (HNG0771)

22  Hong Kong 2020 (HNG0490)

23  Hong Kong Democratic Foundation (HNG0385)

24  Hong Kong Journalists Association (HNG0629)

25  Human Rights Watch (HNG0741)

26  John Huff (HNG0361)

27  Kin Chung Wong Frsa Fcollt (HKG0003)

28  Kyle Chan (HNG0498)

29  Lee Chau Yin (HNG0369)

30  Lo Chi Yeung, Felix (HKG0015)

31  Lo Chi Yeung, Felix (HKG0019)

32  Lo Chi Yeung, Felix (HKG0026)

33  Lo Chi Yeung, Felix (HKG0029)

34  London Chinatown Chinese Association (HNG0750)

35  Malte Kaeding (HNG0707)

36  Margaret Ng (HNG0477)

37  Mavis Lung (HNG0075)

38  Medium Raw Production (HNG0721)

39  Mike Wong (HKG0004)

40  Mr Lee Faulkner (HNG0570)

41  Ng Fat Ling (HNG0314)

42  Nicole Hung (HNG0684)

43  P. Fung (HNG0476)

44  Pang Wai Yin Derek (HNG0484)

45  Patrick Muook Bill Chow (HNG0389)

46  Paul Phillips (HNG0491)

47  Philip Chau (HNG0068)

48  The Hong Kong Association (HNG0738)

49  The Professional Commons (HNG0727)

50  Vince Ma (HNG0454)

51  Vincent Leung (HNG0363)

52  Yuen Kai Yeung, Keith (HNG0708)

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Prepared 6 March 2015