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In 2014-15 the resource estimate for running the House (the buildings, staff and services) is £201.3 million, with an additional capital estimate of £43 million, mostly relating to the buildings occupied by the House. The resource cost of the House is £2 million below the target set by the Commission in 2010 to reduce the cost of the House by 17 per cent in real terms by 2014/15. The cost of employing Members and their staff, as well as paying the pensions of previous Members, are dealt with separately and not included here (Member costs are expected to be £207.5 million in 2014/15).[211] The House of Commons administration is split into Departments. The chart below shows planned resource spend by Department. 'Other' includes the Office of the Chief Executive (£1.9m), the Speaker's Office (£0.5m) and other central provisions and programmes.

Changes in the House Service over time

The cost of the House of Commons has fallen since 2010, along with the number of people employed by the House. Comparisons of expenditure over time can be difficult as the services the House provides have changed (normally providing more), and the introduction of resource accounting in 2000 means prior years are not directly comparable. The chart below shows the change in the expenditure of the House since 1990 (with capital spend excluded after 2000); the staff costs are also shown since 2000. In each of the years shown since 2000 the resource expenditure of the House is affected by large non-cash items, primarily around the valuation of the estate and pensions. In three cases the figure has been adjusted for these. The House's savings programme started in 2010 and the outturn for that year includes the effect of initial savings.[212] Recent reports of the Finance and Services Committee[213] have shown the savings made by the House on a consistent basis.

The change in staff numbers tracks the growth of the House administration and the chart below tracks the change since 1990 (although in 1990 the figure excluded works and maintenance staff who were employed by the Government at the time).

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212   Three significant adjustments relating to pensions/property in 2005/06 (actual £321m), 2009/10 (£279m) and 2010/11 (£170m) have been removed from the data used. These are indicted by a * in the chart. The sources for these charts are the House of Commons Commission Annual Reports and Accounts. Back

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