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Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the Committee's inquiry web page at numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1  Mark Addison (GOV0047)

2  Myfanwy Barrett, Director of Finance (GOV0042)

3  David Beamish, Clerk of the Parliaments (GOV0077) and (GOV0094)

4  Rt Hon Hazel Blears MP (GOV0023)

5  The Rt Hon. the Lord Blencathra (GOV0040)

6  Rt Hon David Blunkett MP (GOV0009)

7  Rt Hon David Blunkett MP, Rt Hon Peter Hain MP, and Rt Hon Margaret Hodge MP (GOV0087)

8  John Borley, Director General of Facilities (GOV0088)

9  Marc Bosc, Acting Clerk, Canadian House of Commons (GOV0085)

10  Paul Bowers, House of Commons Library (GOV0084)

11  Dame Rosemary Butler, Presiding Officer, National Assembly for Wales (GOV0068)

12  James Camp, Enquiry Executive, House of Commons Library (GOV0018)

13  Cass Business School, City University, London (GOV0071)

14  Claire Clancy, Clerk and Chief Executive, National Assembly for Wales (GOV0067)

15  Rob Clements (GOV0025)

16  The Lord Cormack (GOV0049)

17  Simon Cramp (GOV0079)

18  Dr Emma Crewe, University of London (GOV0030) and (GOV0089)

19  Peter Davis, Counsel for Domestic Legislation (GOV0050)

20  Departmental Services Directorate, Department of Information Services (GOV0062)

21  Rt Hon Frank Dobson MP (GOV0027)

22  Rt Hon Sir Alan Duncan MP (GOV0046)

23  Economic Policy and Statistics Section, House of Commons Library (GOV0053)

24  David Elder, Clerk of the House of Representatives, Parliament of Australia (GOV0064)

25  Paul Evans, Clerk of the Journals (GOV0031)

26  Michael Fabricant MP (GOV0002)

27  Robin Fell, Principal Doorkeeper (GOV0041)

28  Robert Flello MP (GOV0054)

29  Oonagh Gay OBE, Senior Library Clerk (GOV0012)

30  Paul Grice, Clerk and Chief Executive, Scottish Parliament (GOV0076)

31  Dominic Grixti, IT Project Manager, Parliamentary ICT Department (GOV0017)

32  Rt Hon Peter Hain MP (GOV0007)

33  Mary Harris, Clerk of the House of Representatives, New Zealand Parliament (GOV0074)

34  Martin Horwood MP (GOV0003)

35  House of Commons Management Board (GOV0021)

36  Information Management Directorate, Department of Information Services (GOV0063)

37  Barbara Keeley MP (GOV0038)

38  Andrew Kennon, Clerk of Committees (GOV0039)

39  The Lord Kirkwood of Kirkhope (GOV0061)

40  Rt Hon Andrew Lansley MP (GOV0008)

41  Carsten U Larsen, General Secretary, Danish Parliament (GOV0066)

42  Liam Laurence Smyth, Clerk of the Journals (GOV0001)

43  Leader and Deputy Leader of the House of Commons (GOV0093)

44  Chris Leslie MP (GOV0045)

45  Dr Julian Lewis MP (GOV0058)

46  Sir Peter Luff MP (GOV0005)

47  Corinne Luquiens, Secretary General of the French National Assembly (GOV0091)

48  Andrew McDonald (GOV0048) and (GOV0073)

49  Sir William McKay, Sir Roger Sands, and Sir Malcolm Jack (GOV0010)

50  Mitchel McLaughlin, Principal Deputy Speaker, Northern Ireland Assembly (GOV0069)

51  Member of House of Commons staff (GOV0014)

52  Member of House of Commons staff (GOV0016)

53  Member of House of Commons staff (GOV0020)

54  Member of House of Commons staff (GOV0022)

55  Member of House of Commons staff (GOV0026)

56  Member of House of Commons staff (GOV0028)

57  Member of House of Commons staff (GOV0035)

58  Member of House of Commons staff (GOV0051)

59  Member of House of Commons staff (GOV0056)

60  Member of House of Commons staff (GOV0059)

61  Member of House of Commons staff (GOV0080)

62  The Rt Hon. the Lord Martin of Springburn (GOV0043)and GOV0044)

63  Andrew Miller MP (GOV0004)

64  David Natzler, Acting Clerk of the House (GOV0081) and (GOV0092)

65  Parliamentary Workplace Equality Networks (GOV0082)

66  Public Administration Select Committee (GOV0024)

67  John Pullinger (GOV0075)

68  Trevor Reaney, Clerk to the Assembly and Chief Executive, Northern Ireland Assembly (GOV0078)

69  Research Directorate, Department for Information Services (GOV0070)

70  Dr Horst Risse, Secretary-General of the German Bundestag (GOV0072)

71  Sir Robert Rogers (GOV0086)

72  Eve Samson, House of Commons staff (GOV0065)

73  Mr Barry Sheerman MP (GOV0029)

74  Juliet Taylor (GOV00xx)

75  Rt Hon John Thurso MP (GOV0011)

76  Trade Union Side (GOV0055)

77  Mr Andrew Tyrie MP (GOV0057)

78  Julia Vanoli, Learning and Development Manager, House of Commons (GOV0015)

79  Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP (GOV0034)

80  Aileen Walker, Director of Public Engagement, and Lee Bridges, Director of Public Information (GOV0060)

81  Andrew Walker, Director General of Human Resources and Change (GOV0090)

82  Lawrence Ward, Serjeant at Arms (GOV0019)

83  Mr Tom Watson MP (GOV0052)

84  David Weir, former Clerk of the Administration Committee (GOV0036)

85  Barry K. Winetrobe (GOV0013)

86  David Winnick MP (GOV0006)

87  Gavin Wright, Forbes Solicitors (GOV0083)

88  Masibulele Xaso, Secretary to the National Assembly, South Africa (GOV0095)

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