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List of printed written evidence

1  Alex Crisp (PMH0051)

2  Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (PMH0015)

3  Avon and Somerset Constabulary and Police and Crime Commissioner (PMH0032)

4  Black Mental Health UK (PMH0045)

5  British Medical Association (PMH0017)

6  British Transport Police (PMH0025)

7  Centre for Mental Health (PMH0005)

8  Chief Constable Simon Cole, Leicestershire Police supplementary (PMH0053)

9  College of Paramedics (PMH0047)

10  College of Policing (PMH0024)

11  Dan Smith (PMH0001)

12  David Mery (PMH0021); (PMH0043); (PMH0044)

13  Department of Health (PMH0031)

14  Devon and Cornwall Police (PMH0019)

15  Faculty of Forensic and Legal Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians (PMH0035)

16  Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Prisons and Constabulary (PMH0009)

17  Home Office (PMH0039); (PMH0056)

18  Home Office and the Department of Health supplementary (PMH0059)

19  Howard League for Penal Reform (PMH0050)

20  Huw Jones (PMH0002)

21  Independent Police Complaints Commission (PMH0006)

22  INQUEST (PMH0042)

23  Jonathan Owen (PMH0008)

24  Lord Victor Adebowale CBE (PMH0054)

25  Mark Standing (PMH0046)

26  Michael Brown (PMH0022); (PMH0052)

27  Mind (PMH0027)

28  Muslim Women's Network UK (PMH0011)

29  National Mental Health Policing Lead (PMH0013)

30  NHS England (PMH0055)

31  Paul Bacon, Bryan and Armstrong Solicitors (PMH0057)

32  Police and Crime Commissioner for Cheshire (PMH0033)

33  Police and Crime Commissioner for Greater Manchester (PMH0029)

34  Police and Crime Commissioner for Northumbria (PMH0012)

35  Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex (PMH0037)

36  Police Federation of England and Wales (PMH0036)

37  Professor Louise Ellison et al (PMH0007)

38  Revolving Doors Agency (PMH0026)

39  Royal College of Nursing (PMH0014)

40  Royal College of Physicians (PMH0040)

41  Royal College of Psychiatrists (PMH0038); (PMH0058)

42  Self Help Services (PMH0020)

43  The Police Foundation (PMH0028)

44  UKDI Ltd (PMH0004)

45  Victim Support and Mind (PMH0023)

46  Welsh Government (PMH0034)

47  West Midlands Police and West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner (PMH0016)

48  Youth Justice Board for England and Wales (PMH0018)

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Prepared 6 February 2015