The work of the Immigration Directorates (October - December 2013) - Home Affairs Committee Contents

2  Key indicators of the Immigration Directorate's performance

40. The Committee assesses the Home Office's report on a quarterly basis against a number of indicators covering the major aspects of its work. This chapter looks at Quarter 4 2013. The chapter is split into two sections, reflecting how the work is divided in the Home Office.

41. Part one covers the work of UK Visas and Immigration

·  Visa applications

·  Sponsors and licensing

·  New asylum and immigration cases

·  Asylum and immigration caseload

·  Appeals and tribunals performance

·  Lost documents

·  MPs correspondence

·  Staff numbers and remuneration

Part two covers the work of Immigration Enforcement

·  The Migration Refusal Pool

·  Intelligence

·  Enforcement action

·  Foreign national offenders

·  Immigration detention

These lists are not definitive and the Committee may decide to add further indicators.

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