Appointment of the Chair of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse - Home Affairs Contents

Appendix 1: Home Office Criteria for Chairman

The Chairman must have the appropriate skills and expertise, and must pass set due diligence checks.

1. Skills

·  Leadership - experience of leading large, important and sensitive areas of work

·  Respect - can command the respect, confidence and trust of survivors and Panel members

·  Authority - someone who can command the respect of those in organisations and institutions

·  Objectivity - someone who can consider complex information and give an impartial view

·  Professionalism - someone who will work collectively as part of a team and acts with integrity at all times.

·  Resilience - someone who has the capacity to manage stressful situations and is able to operate in challenging circumstances.

2. Expertise

·  Knowledge - understands child sexual abuse and safeguarding and/or the institutions and organisations involved. Also appreciates the long-term impacts on adults who have experienced sexual abuse in childhood.

·  Experience - has worked with vulnerable people, on sensitive issues, and/or on investigations and complex lines of enquiry that involve the collection of evidence.

3. Due diligence

·  No personal links to those who have been convicted, or are subject to police investigation, of child sexual abuse

·  No direct links to key institutions or individuals reasonably likely to be covered by the Inquiry

·  DBS enhanced check

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