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Appendix 3: Letter from the Home Secretary dated 11 February 2015

Thank you for your letter of 9 February about the pre-appointment hearing for the chairman of the independent inquiry into child sexual abuse, in which you asked for additional information on the selection process and terms of appointment.

There were over 150 nominations for the position of chairman. These nominations came from survivors, survivors' representatives, MPs, and members of the public. In addition, the Home Office also contacted Commonwealth countries, via the Foreign Office, to identify any suitable candidates.

Each and every name was assessed against a set of criteria, incorporating the views of survivors on the most important factors. This included the appropriate skills to carry out this complex task; experience of the subject matter; and the absence of any direct links to any individual about whom people may have concerns or any institution, or organisation, that might fall under the scope of the inquiry. These criteria were published last Thursday; I attach them for your convenience. Assessing the nominations against these criteria resulted in a shortlist of candidates for chairman. It would not be appropriate for me to share who was on that shortlist.

Justice Goddard will be paid in line with other public appointments of this nature. The Inquiry Secretariat will be publishing the costs for the inquiry in due course.

Justice Goddard has already been through substantial checks and in-depth interviews as part of the due diligence process. In addition to this, and as I have discussed with her, prior to her appointment she will write an open letter to me declaring all relevant interests. This letter will be published on the inquiry website.

Rt Hon Theresa May MP

Home Secretary

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Prepared 13 February 2015