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Annex A: The New Landscape of Policing

Serious Organised Crime Agency

(formally abolished - 7 October 2013)

Organised crime prevention and detection National Crime Agency (Organised Crime Command; Economic Crime Command)
National Policing Improvement Agency

(As of December 2012, all operational functions transferred to the Home Office, the College of Policing and SOCA. Formally abolished - 7 October 2013)

Proceeds of Crime Centre NCA (Economic Crime Command)
Central Witness Bureau NCA
Crime Operational Support Unit NCA
Serious Crime Analysis section NCA (Organised Crime Command)
Specialist Operations Centre NCA
National Missing Persons Bureau NCA
Other NPIA functions: 101 non-emergency phone service; crime mapping; pathology services; forensic and other non-ICT procurement; the programme for implementing Schengen Information System (II); police science and forensics services; policy for Police Special Constables; the Automotive Equipment Section; the Airwave radio system; some policy responsibility for Police Workforce Strategy; the secretariat for the Reducing Bureaucracy programme. Home Office
Other NPIA functions: The new National Police Air Service West Yorkshire Police
Other NPIA functions: IT Police ICT Company - (not yet operating)
Other NPIA functions: professional development College of Policing
Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre Child protectionNCA (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre)
UK Border Agency (Closed on 31 March 2013. All responsibilities transferred to the Home Office on 1 April 2013) NCA (Border Policing Command)
Metropolitan Police Service functions Police Central e-Crime Unit NCA - National Cyber Crime Unit
Counter-terrorism Undecided - pending a review in the next Parliament
Police Negotiating Board Negotiating the hours of duty; leave; pay and allowances; the issue, use, and return of police clothing, personal equipment and accoutrements; and pensions Police Remuneration Review Body
Association of Chief Police Officers Co-ordinate operational policing at national levels National Police Chiefs' Council
Develop national standards and police practice College of Policing

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