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Annex D: What the College of Policing does


The College of Policing's purpose is to support the mission of policing - preventing crime and protecting the public.


Policing in England and Wales already has a positive reputation world-wide and the College of Policing aims to establish policing's status as a profession.

To this end, it will:

·  work with the police and partners to improve standards across policing

·  develop the evidence base of what works

·  provide knowledge to frontline officers and staff (using the best technology)

·  support continuous professional development for all in policing.


The College will promote professional standards for police in England and Wales, for public benefit, in particular but not exclusively:

·  setting standards of professional practice

·  accrediting training providers and setting learning and development outcomes

·  identifying, developing and promoting good practice based on evidence

·  supporting police forces and other organisations to work together to protect the public and prevent crime

·  identifying, developing and promoting ethics, values and standards of integrity.[118]

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