Children's and adolescents' mental health and CAMHS - Health Committee Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the Committee's inquiry web page at numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1  4Children (CMH0176)

2  5 Boroughs Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (CMH0067)

3  Act Now For Autism (CMH0205)

4  Action For Sick Children (CMH0075)

5  Adoption Leadership Board (CMH0231)

6  Alpha Hospitals Ltd (CMH0068)

7  Amanda Hayward (CMH0090)

8  Andrew Gregory (CMH0199)

9  Andrew Starr (CMH0017)

10  Aspired Futures (CMH0041)

11  Association Of Child And Adolescent Psychotherapists (ACP) (CMH0109)

12  Association of Educational Psychologists (CMH0079)

13  Association Of Infant Mental Health (AIMH UK) (CMH0101)

14  Association Of Primary Mental Health Work And Training CAMHS (CMH0035)

15  Barnet Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service (CMH0142)

16  Berkshire Healthcare NHS Trust (CMH0049)

17  Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (CMH0166)

18  Bliss (CMH0046)

19  Bright Futures School (CMH0012)

20  British Association For Adoption & Fostering (CMH0082)

21  British Association For Counselling And Psychotherapy (CMH0131)

22  British Psychotherapy Foundation (CMH0107)

23  Brook (CMH0194)

24  CAMHS Rights And Participation Team (CMH0069)

25  Camilla Parker (CMH0114)

26  Candi (CMH0112)

27  Cant Go Wont Go (CMH0168)

28  Care Quality Commission (CMH0218)

29  Centre For Mental Health (CMH0108)

30  Centrepoint (CMH0061)

31  Cernis Limited (CMH0178)

32  CFCS/CAMHS East London NHS Foundation Trust (CMH0180)

33  Cheshire & Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (CMH0104)

34  Child Outcomes Research Consortium (CMH0141)

35  Childhood Bereavement Network (CMH0150)

36  Children And Young People's Mental Health Coalition (CMH0153)

37  Children's Commissioner For England/OCC (CMH0038)

38  CNWL (CMH0132)

39  Contact A Family (CMH0148)

40  Cornwall Partnership Foundation NHS Trust (CMH0189)

41  CQC (CMH0235)

42  CYP IAPT North East Collaborative (CMH0183)

43  Dasha Nicholls (CMH0105)

44  David Samson (CMH0120)

45  Department For Education (CMH0236)

46  Department Of Health (CMH0154)

47  Department Of Health - Rt Hon Norman Lamb MP (CMH0234)

48  Derbyshire County Council Children & Younger Adults Dept. (CMH0192)

49  Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (CMH0191)

50  Dr Deborah Judge (CMH0033)

51  Dr Gwen Adshead (CMH0208)

52  Dr Isobel Heyman (CMH0138)

53  Dr Moira Mccutcheon (CMH0060)

54  Dr Sebastian Kraemer (CMH0031)

55  Dr Steve Kingsbury (CMH0110)

56  Dr Varsha Joshi (CMH0009)

57  Dr. Nik Johnson (CMH0096)

58  Educational Rights Alliance (CMH0117)

59  Enys Delmage (CMH0022)

60  Essex County Council (CMH0078)

61  Evidence Based Practice Unit (CMH0161)

62  Faces In Focus (CMH0045)

63  Foxhills Schools (CMH0203)

64  Gift (CMH0159)

65  Hampshire Parent Carer Network (CMH0149)

66  Healthwatch Northamptonshire (CMH0212)

67  Helen Simpson (CMH0024)

68  Howard League (CMH0232)

69  Ian Michael Goodyer (CMH0051)

70  Independent Mental Health Services Alliance (CMH0207)

71  Islington CAMHS (CMH0077)

72  Islington Community CAMHS (CMH0091)

73  Jan Bridget (CMH0014)

74  Jeannette Phillips (CMH0016)

75  Jody Tranter (CMH0147)

76  Kate Pelissier (CMH0023)

77  Kelly Mogano (CMH0044)

78  Kent Parent Carer Forum (CMH0095)

79  Keren Corbett (CMH0130)

80  Lee.Bruce@Local.Gov.Uk (CMH0128)

81  Leicester City Psychology Service (CMH0197)

82  Liverpool CCG (CMH0139)

83  London & South East CYP IAPT Learning Collaborative (CMH0155)

84  Maple Ride School (CMH0113)

85  Marie Johnson (CMH0186)

86  Mark Waddington (CMH0088)

87  Maryanna Schaefer/Lady Tavener (CMH0157)

88  Maternal Mental Health Alliance (CMH0076)

89  Mel Wood (CMH0018)

90  Meningitis Research Foundation (CMH0187)

91  Mental Health Foundation (CMH0087)

92  Metro Charity (CMH0156)

93  Michael Still (CMH0056)

94  Mick Cooper (CMH0059)

95  Mrs Henye Meyer (CMH0047)

96  National Autistic Society (CMH0163)

97  National Children's Bureau (CMH0146)

98  NHS Clinical Commissioners Mental Health Commissioners Network (Mhcn) (CMH0122)

99  NHS England (CMH0193)

100  NHS England (CMH0233)

101  North East London NHS Foundation Trust (CMH0037)

102  North East London NHS Foundation Trust Mental Health Services (CMH0221)

103  North West London Commissioning Support Unit (CMH0211)

104  North West London Division Of The London Perinatal Mental Health Network (CMH0165)

105  Northern School Of Child And Adolescent Psychotherapy (CMH0143)

106  Northern, Eastern & Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group (CMH0198)

107  NSPCC (CMH0136)

108  NYAS (CMH0081)

109  OCD Action (CMH0152)

110  Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust (CMH0230)

111  Paediatric Mental Health Association (CMH0094)

112  Personal experiences of CAMHS (CMH0237)

113  Place2be (CMH0164)

114  Pods Parent Carer Forum (CMH0098)

115  Public Health England (CMH0085)

116  Ralph Leavey (CMH0005)

117  Roger Cook (CMH0073)

118  Royal College Of General Practitioners (CMH0217)

119  Royal College Of Nursing (CMH0223)

120  Royal College Of Paediatrics And Child Health (CMH0174)

121  Royal College Of Physicians (CMH0118)

122  Royal College Of Psychiatrists (CMH0173)

123  Royal College Of Psychiatrists (CMH0229)

124  Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council (CMH0172)

125  Sheffield CAMHS (CMH0195)

126  Shirley Potts (CMH0100)

127  Siobhan Bryant (CMH0027)

128  Solihull Child &Adolescent Mental Health Services, Hoeft (CMH0066)

129  South East Staffordshire And Seisdon Peninsula CCG (CMH0134)

130  South London And Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (CMH0227)

131  South Staffordshire & Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (CMH0171)

132  Steve Dexter (CMH0013)

133  Stoke On Trent City Council (CMH0050)

134  Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (CMH0200)

135  Tact (CMH0055)

136  Tavistock And Portman NHS Foundation Trust (CMH0074)

137  Tavistock Centre For Couple Relationships (CMH0025)

138  Tees, Esk And Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust (CMH0170)

139  The Association For Family Therapy (CMH0070)

140  The Association Of Directors Of Children's Services (ADCS) Ltd (CMH0210)

141  The Beat Bullying Group (CMH0228)

142  The British Psychological Society (CMH0133)

143  The First-Tier Tribunal (Health Education And Social Care Chamber) Mental Health (CMH0140)

144  The Huntercombe Group (CMH0179)

145  The Priory Group (CMH0145)

146  The UK ADHD Partnership (CMH0048)

147  UCLpartners (CMH0123)

148  UCLpartners (CMH0124)

149  UCLpartners (CMH0126)

150  UKCP (CMH0084)

151  University College London (CMH0216)

152  University Of Reading (CMH0121)

153  University Of Reading (CMH0135)

154  Walsall JCU (CMH0167)

155  Warwickshire County Council (CMH0182)

156  Wave Trust (On Behalf Of The APPG For Conception To Age 2 - The First 1001 Days (CMH0214)

157  West Midlands ADCS (CMH0115)

158  West Midlands CAMHS Learning Disability Psychiatry Peer Group (CMH0106)

159  West Sussex County Council (CMH0219)

160  Wiltshire Parent Carer Council (CMH0184)

161  Worcestershire County Council (CMH0160)

162  Youngminds (CMH0169)

163  Youth Access (CMH0092)

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Prepared 5 November 2014