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Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the Committee's inquiry web page at numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1  2020Health (IDH0071)

2  Ab Sugar (IDH0044)

3  Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (IDH0038)

4  Advertising Association (IDH0066)

5  Ajinomoto (IDH0057)

6  Aleksander Cox (IDH0084)

7  Alspac, University of Bristol (IDH0036)

8  Amateur Swimming Association (IDH0054)

9  APPG on a Fit and Healthy Childhood (IDH0017)

10  Arthritis Research UK (IDH0088)

11  Association for Nutrition (IDH0011)

12  Association of Directors of Public Health (IDH0061)

13  Breakthrough Breast Cancer (IDH0080)

14  British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (IDH0040)

15  British Heart Foundation (IDH0050)

16  British Masters Athletic Federation (IDH0099)

17  British Soft Drinks Association (IDH0074)

18  Britvic (IDH0012)

19  Bupa UK (IDH0039)

20  Cambridge Weight Plan (IDH0060)

21  Cancer Research UK (IDH0082)

22  Croydon Council (IDH0085)

23  Cycle East Sussex (IDH0086)

24  Cycle to Work Alliance (IDH0068)

25  Dairy UK (IDH0096)

26  Department of Health (IDH0078)

27  Diabetes UK (IDH0076)

28  Dieticians in Obesity Management UK (Domuk) (IDH0046)

29  Dr Angeliki Papadaki (IDH0002)

30  Dr Dagmar Zeuner (IDH0103)

31  Dr Dianna Smith (IDH0089)

32  Dr Katrina Wyatt (IDH0013)

33  Dr Sebastien Chastin (IDH0016)

34  Dr Simon Sebire (IDH0008)

35  Dr William Bird MBE (IDH0104)

36  English Outdoor Council (IDH0033)

37  Faculty of Dental Surgery, Royal College of Surgeons (IDH0025)

38  Food and Drink Federation (IDH0041)

39  Greater London Authority (IDH0094)

40  Greg Atkinson (IDH0009)

41  Institute for Food Brain and Behaviour (IDH0059)

42  Institute for Sport and Physical Activity Research, University of Bedfordshire (IDH0029)

43  International Centre for Lifecourse Studies in Society And Health (Icls), UCL (IDH0031)

44  Jack Winkler (IDH0079)

45  Lawn Tennis Association (IDH0015)

46  Lighterlife (IDH0058)

47  Living Streets (IDH0087)

48  Local Government Association (IDH0022)

49  London Borough of Camden (IDH0056)

50  London Health Commission (IDH0052)

51  Macmillan Cancer Support (IDH0062)

52  Marks and Spencer (IDH0095)

53  Men's Health Forum (IDH0045)

54  Mrc Epidemiology Unit / Centre for Diet and Activity Research (IDH0069)

55  Mrc Epidemiology Unit / Centre for Diet and Activity Research (IDH0070)

56  Mrc Unit for Lifelong Health and Ageing at UCL (IDH0019)

57  Mrc-Aruk Centre for Musculoskeletal Ageing Research (IDH0007)

58  Newcastle University (IDH0004)

59  NHS England (IDH0101)

60  Nice (IDH0098)

61  NIHR Leicester-Loughborough Diet, Lifestyle And Physical Activity Biomedical Research Unit (IDH0030)

62  North Lincs Council/ School Sports Partnership (IDH0077)

63  On Behalf of The Association of Play Industries (IDH0028)

64  Prof Jane Moore (IDH0102)

65  Professor Alison Avenell (IDH0027)

66  Professor Russell Jago (IDH0003)

67  Professor Theresa M Marteau (IDH0073)

68  Public Health England (IDH0063)

69  Purely Nutrition Ltd (IDH0023)

70  RCUK (For Mrc, Esrc and Bbsrc) (IDH0093)

71  Richmond Group of Charities (IDH0042)

72  Robert Blundell (IDH0010)

73  Royal College of Physicians (IDH0043)

74  Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh (IDH0021)

75  School and Nursery Milk Alliance (IDH0047)

76  Sibylle Kranz (IDH0018)

77  Slimming World (IDH0024)

78  Sport and Recreation Alliance (IDH0051)

79  Sporta (IDH0067)

80  Sugar Nutrition UK (IDH0065)

81  Sustrans (IDH0001)

82  Tam Fry (IDH0032)

83  The Breastfeeding Network (IDH0026)

84  The British Psychological Society (IDH0005)

85  The Ramblers (IDH0014)

86  THSG (IDH0048)

87  Tom White (IDH0055)

88  UK Faculty of Public Health (IDH0083)

89  UK Health Forum (IDH0081)

90  Ukactive (IDH0053)

91  University of Bedfordshire (IDH0072)

92  University of Bristol (IDH0035)

93  University of Oxford (IDH0100)

94  Weight Watchers UK (IDH0034)

95  Which? (IDH0097)

96  World Challenge Expeditions (IDH0006)

97  Youth Sport Trust (IDH0064)

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