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List of printed written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the Committee's inquiry web page at UK support for humanitarian relief in the Middle East. MID numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1  The Parents Circle-Families Forum (MID0001)

2  Center for Near East Policy Research (MID0003)

3  Onevoice Europe (MID0004)

4  Middle East Forum (MID0005)

5  Moon Valley Enterprises Limited (MID0006)

6  Trade Union Friends of Israel (MID0007)

7  Alexander H Joffe (MID0008)

8  Premiere Urgence - Aide Medicale Internationale (MID0009)

9  Einat Wilf (MID0010)

10  Givat Haviva (MID0013)

11  NGO Monitor (MID0014)

12  Kids Creating Peace (MID0015)

13  Mifalot Education and Society Enterprises (MID0016)

14  Arava Institute for Environmental Studies (MID0017)

15  The Jerusalem Intercultural Centre (MID0019)

16  Tearfund (MID0020)

17  Gisha-Legal Center for Freedom of Movement (MID0021)

18  Meet (Middle East Education Through Technology (MID 0022)

19  Rabbis for Human Rights (MID0023)

20  The Jerusalem Foundation (MID0024)

21  Hand in Hand: Center for Jewish-Arab Education in Israel (MID0025)

22  International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists (MID0026)

23  World Vision UK (MID0028)

24  Heartbeat Inc (MID0029)

25  Shaare Zedek UK (MID0030)

26  Palestine Solidarity Campaign (MID0031)

27  Alliance for Middle East Peace (MID0032)

28  Hadassah Medical Organization (MID0033)

29  Bicom (MID0034)

30  Embassy of Israel in London (MID0035)

31  The Abraham Fund Initiatives (MID0036)

32  Save a Child's Heart (MID0037)

33  Palestinian Media Watch (MID0038)

34  Dr Asaf Romirowsky (MID0039)

35  Peaceplayers International (MID0040)

36  Friends of Al-Aqsa (MID0041)

37  BBC Media Action (MID0042)

38  Save the Children (MID0043)

39  Project Cherish (MID0045)

40  The Portland Trust (MID0046)

41  Christian Aid (MID0049)

42  Oxfam GB (MID0050)

43  The Israeli-Palestinian Chamber of Commerce (MID0052)

44  Department for International Development (MID0053)

45  Helpage International (MID0056)

46  Doctors of the World (MID0057)

47  Medical Aid for Palestinians (MID0058)

48  Norwegian Refugee Council (MID0059)

49  World Food Programme (MID0060)

50  International Rescue Committee UK (MID0061)

51  Glen Rangwala (MID0064)

52  Care International UK (MID0068)

53  Handicap International (MID0069)

54  UNICEF (MID0070)

55  Professor Rosemary Hollis (MID0071)

56  Embrace the Middle East (MID0072)

57  Centre for Syrian Studies, University of St Andrews (MID0073)

58  Department for International Development Annex A (MID0074)

59  Embassy of Israel Annex A (MID0075)

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Prepared 2 July 2014