Women offenders: follow-up - Justice Contents


Terms of reference for Committee's initial inquiry

·  The nature and effectiveness of the Ministry of Justice's strategy for women offenders and those at risk of offending;

·  The nature and effectiveness of Ministry of Justice governance structures for women's offending;

·  The extent to which work to address the multiple and complex needs of women offenders is integrated across Government;

·  The extent to which the gender equality duty has become a lever for mainstream service commissioners-outside of the criminal justice system-to provide services which tackle the underlying causes of female offending;

·  The suitability of the women's custodial estate and prison regimes;

·  The volume, range, quality, and sustainability of community provision for female offenders, including approved premises;

·  The availability of appropriate provision for different groups of women offenders, including: under 18s, women with children, foreign nationals and black, Asian and minority ethnic women, and those with mental health problems.

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Prepared 24 March 2015