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10  Conclusions

115. Our principal conclusions are:

a)  The Wright reforms have worked and should be retained and developed, with chairs continuing to be directly elected by the whole House and Members elected within parties

b)  Public opinion, commentators and academic critics have all recognised that select committee work is the most constructive and productive aspect of Parliament

c)  Public engagement has been achieved on a large scale, with a wide range of people, giving oral and written evidence, taking part in committee on-line consultations or surveys, and drawing on committee reports on their work

d)  Select committee scrutiny is now part of the thinking of ministers and public bodies—it is the context within which they operate—and has a continuing effect in addition to the impact of specific recommendations

e)  Prime Ministers' oral evidence sessions with the Liaison Committee have become more effective in scrutinising the influence No. 10 Downing Street exercises in policy-making across government.

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Prepared 24 March 2015