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Annex A: Themes covered with the Prime Minister in this Parliament

November 2010 ·  The Spending Review: the PM's involvement

·  "Greenest government ever"

·  Strategic Defence and Security Review

·  Afghanistan and Pakistan

May 2011·  Prospects for growth in the economy

·  Overseas intervention and the military capacity to support it

September 2011·  Developments in Europe: impact on the UK

·  Government, politics and the media

November 2011·  'Big Society or Broken Society'
March 2012·  Iran and Syria

·  Accountability of public services: impact of the reform agenda

July 2012·  The impact of the Eurozone crisis on the UK economy and public policy

·  Civil service reform

December 2012·  Future direction of policing and the criminal justice system

·  Green Government

March 2013·  Protecting the public: the Government's role and accountability

·  Developments in Syria and North & West Africa

September 2013·  Reform of the Civil Service, and the capacity of the Civil Service to design and manage contracts

·  Regulation of the Press, and the proposed Royal Charter

January 2014

(NB counts as the 3rd evidence session of 2013)

·  Violence against women and girls

·  Energy policy and environmental priorities

May 2014·  Migration

·  Current foreign affairs issues (Syria and Ukraine)

November 2014·  The governance of the UK following the Scottish referendum
December 2014·  Climate change and new technologies

·  Radicalisation

February 2015·  Foreign affairs (countries affected by Islamist extremism and Ukraine)

·  Civil service capacity

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