Legacy Report - Liaison Contents

Annex D: Legacy reports published this session by select committees

Backbench Business Committee, First Special Report, Work of the Committee in the 2010-15 Parliament, HC 1106

Communities and Local Government Committee, Tenth Report, The work of the Communities and Local Government Committee since 2010, HC 821

Defence Committee, Twelfth Report, Towards the next Defence and Security Review: Part three, HC 1127

Education Committee, Eighth Report, Closing the gap: the work of the Education Committee in the 2010-15 Parliament, HC 1120 (including video)

Energy and Climate Change Committee, Tenth Report, Fuelling the debate: Committee successes and future challenges, HC 830 (including ePub)

Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee, Ninth Report, Work of the Committee: 2010-15, HC 942

Environmental Audit Committee, Eleventh Report, A 2010-15 progress report, HC 885 (including summary leaflet)

European Scrutiny Committee, Thirty-eighth Report, Scrutiny Reform follow-up and Legacy Report, HC 918

Justice Committee, Tenth Report, The work of the Committee during the 2010-2015 Parliament, HC 1123

Procedure Committee, Seventh Report, Matters for the Procedure Committee in the 2015 Parliament, HC 1121

Science and Technology, Ninth Report, Legacy—Parliament 2010-15, HC 758

Other Committees which have not published legacy reports, but have submitted written evidence to this inquiry, are listed on page 59 (Published written evidence).

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