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Appendix 3: Correspondence between the Chair and the Cabinet Secretary

Letter from the Chair to Sir Jeremy Heywood KCB, Cabinet Secretary, 10 March 2015

Thank you for coming to the Committee yesterday to discuss the procedures for formation of a government after a general election.

As you will know the Committee has been considering the possibility of the House meeting shortly after the General Election on 7 May to debate and confirm any proposed arrangements for the formation of a new administration after the election.

It would be helpful to us in considering our recommendations if you could indicate the arrangements which would in the Government's view be necessary for Parliament to meet on Monday 11 May.

It would be helpful to receive any response by Wednesday 18 March for circulation to the Committee.

I am writing in similar terms to the Acting Clerk of the House, the Clerk of the Parliaments and the Private Secretary to HM The Queen.

Letter from Sir Jeremy Heywood KCB, Cabinet Secretary, to the Chair, 17 March 2015

Thank you for your letter of 10 March, following my appearance before your Committee last week, concerning the arrangements for Parliament to meet following the election.

The Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011 provides that once Parliament has been dissolved a Proclamation setting the date for the new Parliament to meet may be issued. This requires a meeting of the Privy Council. The date contained in the Proclamation for the first meeting is subject to the advice of the Prime Minister and has customarily been announced at the time of dissolution.

Practical arrangements for the first meeting of Parliament are a matter for the Parliamentary authorities.

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