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Appendix: Government response

Letter from Sam Gyimah MP, Minister for the Constitution, Cabinet Office to the Chair of the Political and Constitutional Reform Committee

I am writing on behalf of the Government to respond to your interim report. Thank you to you and your Committee for its thorough work.

The Government agrees with the Committee that improving voter engagement is vital to the long term well-being of democracy in the UK and welcomes this report. At the same time the Government notes that this is response to an interim report for public consideration and looks forward to the publication of the final report on National Voter Registration Day on 5 February. Whatever the Committee's final report recommends, it will certainly stimulate the debates on this issue that will take place ahead of the General Election in May.

Hopefully this response, along with others, will help the Committee shape its final recommendations, particularly by highlighting work that is already under way to encourage participation in the democratic process, both through education and practical changes, such as being able to register to vote on-line in three minutes. The references to paragraphs in this response relate to paragraph numbers in the report's interim conclusions and recommendations.

28 January 2015

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Prepared 5 February 2015